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China plant Kürzung von Export-Steuervergünstigungen

Tuesday, 25.7.2006

meldet BBC.


Tuesday, 25.7.2006

The second outdoor production of China’s leading film director Zhang Yimou debuted on Sunday at the foot of Yulongxue (Jade Dragon Snow) Mountain in southwestern China. Around 500 local people from 10 ethnic groups have been selected from 16 towns and villages in Lijiang of Yunnan Province to perform daily folk songs, dances and rituals for tourists … In 2003, Zhang … created the first installment of their out-door “Impression” series, “Impression Liu Sanjie,” in the mountain and river scenery of Yangshuo, a world-renowned scenic resort in south China, which proved a hit at the box office. By the end of this June, the performance attracted more than one million audiences and annually turned in nearly 100 million yuan (around 12. 5 million U.S. dollars).  Quelle: People’ Daily Online.

Is China’s 10.9% growth rate overheating?

Tuesday, 25.7.2006

“… First, with such a high savings rate, what else can we do if not to invest? Second, with such a high production capacity as a result of active investment, what else can we do other than export? …” Quelle: People’s Daily Online.