Alle Einträge vom 27.7.2006

Sommer in Mentougou

Thursday, 27.7.2006

Bei Shanshenmiao in Mentougou, einem Stadtbezirk Pekings. Juli 2006. 

Foto: Shen Yun

On the Moon, several meters below the surface

Thursday, 27.7.2006

China outlines objectives for lunar probe project “… Since the Earth’s resources are limited, there is a need for a new program to address the long-term energy needs of humanity. On the Moon, several meters below the surface, there are rare, rich gas atoms. The most interesting of these is helium¨C3. Helium-3 has many advantages over tritium, the fuel that is increasingly being used in thermonuclear fusions …” Quelle: People’s Daily Online.

Die Katastrophe, die nicht sein durfte

Thursday, 27.7.2006

“Nach 30 Jahren ist das Beben von Tangshan für die KP noch immer problematisch.” Artikel von Johnny Erling (Die Welt). Neue Version des Artikels: Zerstörungskraft von 400 Atombomben

Frugal Traveler: Into the Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Thursday, 27.7.2006

Bericht von Matt Gross (NYT). Teil einer Reise von Zentralasien nach Peking.

Diskussion um Grab der Kaiserin Wu Zetian

Thursday, 27.7.2006

“China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) does not support the excavation of the 1,300-year-old tomb of Wu Zetian [Qianling], the only empress in Chinese history, said a cultural official recently …” Quelle: People’s Daily Online.

Beijing tears up its roots of history

Thursday, 27.7.2006

Pull of power and money is destroying at a rapid pace homes that represent the heritage of capital, writes Verna Yu (The Standard/ AFP).