Alle Einträge vom 30.7.2006

Tomb of first emperor’s grandmother unearthed in Xi’an

Sunday, 30.7.2006

Quelle: People’s Daily Online.

Katastrophe in chinesisch-deutschem Chemiewerk

Sunday, 30.7.2006

At least 22 people have died and 28 are still missing after an explosion at a chemical plant in east China [Fuyuan, Jiangsu], jointly run with Germany, state media reports. Quelle: BBC. Aus Xinhua-Bericht: “… The blast, which took place at 8:45 a.m. Friday at the Fuyuan Chemical Plant, a Sino-German joint venture in Linhai Township of Sheyang County, toppled the workshop. The plant produces Dichloro Fluoro Benzene for industry. …” Vgl. 江苏射阳化工厂爆炸事故已基本确定22æ­»29伤 und, ferner NYT/ Reuters.

Kataloge der Pariser Dunhuang-Manuskripte im Internet

Sunday, 30.7.2006

Eingescannte Kataloge der Pelliot-Manuskripte und Frühdrucke sind jetzt unter benutzbar. Quelle, Erläuterung:  IGCS.