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Women are scarce … the men have resorted to a dubious means of securing wives

Thursday, 3.8.2006

Stark examples of the cost of China’s blistering growth are to be found in Gansu, writes Maureen Fan. Quelle: The Standard/ Washington Post.


Thursday, 3.8.2006

Marlboro: Wanbaolu … ”Zöllner haben in Waltershof über acht Millionen Schmuggelzigaretten aus China aus dem Verkehr gezogen …” Quelle: Die Welt.

SEPA: China führt beim Schwefeldioxid-Ausstoss

Thursday, 3.8.2006

China discharged 25.49 million tons of sulfur dioxide in 2005, atop the world’s list, said the country’s national environmental watchdog Thursday at a news conference. The amount is 27 percent over that in 2000 … Quelle: People’s Daily Online. Vgl. Artikel von BBC.

Dumping-Vorwürfe gegen China aus Entwicklungsländern

Thursday, 3.8.2006

In the largest anti-dumping investigation to date launched by one developing country against another, India is currently accusing China of dumping silk and satin into the Indian market …  countries including Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia – nations China refers to as developing nation “partners” – have all increased anti-dumping complaints about China. Aus einem Artikel von Charlotte Windle (BBC).

Slower than a snail’s pace

Thursday, 3.8.2006

Michael DeGolyer über Hongkongs Demokratisierungsprozess. Quelle: The Standard. 

XiuCai 81 und 82 sind online

Thursday, 3.8.2006

Download hier.

Gute Ausländer, schlechte Ausländer

Thursday, 3.8.2006

Aus People’s Daily Online:

Vorbildlich: A foreign woman learns to make Zongzi …

FDI ja, aber bitte nicht so: A foreign man scattered massive coins to deliberately lure Chinese passers-by to pick them up in order to wait for an opportunity to take photos …