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Politische Partizipation

Monday, 21.8.2006

Giving privileges to rich people hurts social justice “A number of new events are worth our attention. First, a directive issued by the Zhangzhou Education Bureau, Fujian Province, states that children of big taxpayers can get 20 points more in their senior high school entrance exam. By ‘big taxpayer,’ it means private entrepreneurs who turn over more than 3 million (US$375,000) to the local government annually …”, “… different economic capabilities ought not to be translated into differentiated political power. True, private entrepreneurs constitute an important force in promoting the country’s economic progress and it is, therefore, necessary to offer them channels through which they can participate in political affairs. But this can only be done by improving the institutions and mechanisms with regard to citizens’ getting involved in political affairs, instead of endowing political privileges to a portion of the citizenry. ” Kommentar von Sun Liping, Qinghua Universität (People’s Daily Online/ China Daily).

Air China hebt nicht ab

Monday, 21.8.2006

“Der prestigeträchtige Börsengang von Air China in Schanghai ist zum Flop geraten …” Quelle: Frankfurter Rundschau.