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The Banquet Bug

Monday, 28.8.2006

Reportageliterarischer Text von Geling Yan (NYT). Dazu Kommentar.

Concrete paves peasants’ long road from poverty

Monday, 28.8.2006

On a remarkable journey across China, The Observer’s correspondent finds that, after years of deprivation, even the poorest provinces are sharing in a new-found prosperity. View Jonathan Watts’ journey in pictures with our interactive slideshow. Quelle: The Guardian.

Despite counter-claims …

Monday, 28.8.2006

The body of evidence “Despite counter-claims that the researchers have been set-up, the report authors have stuck to their guns. ‘Believe me, I used to be a prosecutor. I knew there would be cynicism and I did my utmost to make sure that everything was satisfactorily and properly and ethically done,’ [David] Kilgour said. Despite the debate, it appears that the allegations are indeed valid…” James Rose (The Standard) zu Berichten über illegalen Organhandel.