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Getting hooked

Wednesday, 30.8.2006

“… Online gaming has exploded in China in recent years, with an estimated 13.8 million people taking part. Chinese media have expressed concern with more and more young people getting hooked, taking a heavy toll on their studies …” Quelle: NYT/ Reuters.

Wikipedia chief says no to censorship

Wednesday, 30.8.2006

“Jimmy Wales, founder of the open-forum internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, vowed yesterday he would not go down the same path as search engine Google by bowing to pressure from Beijing to censor sensitive articles. Wikipedia, whose open invitation to write and edit articles has become increasingly popular in China, has been blocked by mainland censors since October. Mainland internet users have had to rely on a similar, but heavily censored clone, put together by Chinese Web portal Baidu, which puts a positive spin on events politically sensitive to Beijing such as the Tiananmen crackdown of 1989 …” Von Raymond Ma. Quelle: AsiaMedia/SCMP.

VW-Partner in China rüstet sich für Auslands-Expansion

Wednesday, 30.8.2006

“Zur Finanzierung wird Shanghai Auto junge Aktien im Wert von 19,1 Mrd. Yuan (1,87 Mrd. Euro) an SAIC ausgeben und Vermögenswerte im Wert von 2,34 Mrd. Yuan an die Mutter übertragen. Damit steigt das Unternehmen zum größten börsennotierten Automobilproduzenten des Landes auf …” Quelle: Die Welt/ Bloomberg.