Alle Einträge vom 19.9.2009

“Mao’s Last Dancer” leaps onto movie screens

Saturday, 19.9.2009

“… When he was 11 years old, Li [Li Cunxin] was chosen by Madame Mao’s cultural advisors to train at the Beijing Dance Academy … he defected to the United States at age 20, causing an international conflict …” Von John McCrank. Quelle: Reuters.

Pyramid points to legal trouble

Saturday, 19.9.2009

“… a pyramid sales network that involved more than 100,000 people and generated over 1 billion yuan (US$142.8 million) in revenue … a cure for virtually any disease …” Quelle: Shanghai Daily. Vgl. “客登庸”万能食用菌传销案告破 (Tiantian Xin Bao).

There is no need for the west to worry about it

Saturday, 19.9.2009

Can Chinese model be replicated? Von He Liangliang (People’s Daily Online). Chin. Text: 印度复制中国模式不可能成功 越南效果最佳 (Zhongguo Xinwenwang). Zum Thema: 中国模式将改变世界 (Guangzhou Ribao) und 郑永年:中国模式能够被西方围堵吗? (Zhongguo Gongchandang Xinwenwang).