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Chinese slowdown is biggest threat to prosperity, says WEF

Friday, 15.1.2010

Von Patrick Hosking. Quelle: Times.

Irritable year ahead …

Friday, 15.1.2010

… expected for relations between the US and China Von Bronwen Maddox (Times).

Injured Taiwanese envoy hopes to return to Haiti soon

Friday, 15.1.2010

“… buried in the rubble for six hours before being rescued after the Republic of China Embassy in Haiti collapsed …” Quelle: China Post.

The government’s regulatory skill is not so good

Friday, 15.1.2010



By Jamil Anderlini (

Kommentar: Wenn China die Welt regiert

Friday, 15.1.2010

Von Dani Rodrik. Quelle: FTD.

Toleranz im Shikumen

Friday, 15.1.2010

“Shanghai will showcase the city’s ‘tolerance, energy and innovation’ in a shikumen-style building in China’s joint-provincial pavilion at the World Expo 2010 …”. Quelle: Shanghai Daily.

Is China the Next Enron?

Friday, 15.1.2010

Von Thomas L. Friedman. Quelle: NYT.

Google: Sending flowers to its Beijing offices

Friday, 15.1.2010

Google drama splits users Von Guo Qiang (Global Times). Ferner: Keep Google in China with alternative strategy Von Iain Mills und How internet giant Google turned on gatekeepers of China’s Great Firewall Von Jonathan Watts (Guardian), Google Is Not Alone in Discontent, but Its Threat to Leave Stands Out Von Keith Bradsher und David Barboza (NYT).