Alle Einträge vom 19.1.2010

50 percent of lesbians experience domestic violence: survey

Tuesday, 19.1.2010

Von Lin Meilian. Quelle: Global Times.

Confucius says no to ’subversive’ blockbuster Avatar (aktualisiert)

Tuesday, 19.1.2010

“… the plight of Avatar’s Na’vi people as they are thrown off their land … forced removal … Han Han … was among those who quickly spotted the similarity between the film’s plot and real life …” Von Jane Macartney. Quelle: Times. Update: Artikel von H. Bork in der SZ.

Without Chinese economic reform, global recovery may be doomed

Tuesday, 19.1.2010

China needs to boost domestic consumption rather than relying on exports, or the world will be flooded with goods that nobody wants. Von Larry Elliott. Quelle: Guardian.

Playing the wall game in China

Tuesday, 19.1.2010

Google’s experiences in China show that even the most powerful western companies have to accept its rules. Von Charles Arthur und Tania Branigan. Quelle: Guardian.

No Pants subway ride

Tuesday, 19.1.2010

Pants for progress: Chinese climate protesters strip off on train Von Jonathan Watts (Guardian).

Google investigates China staff over cyber attack

Tuesday, 19.1.2010

Von Tania Branigan. Quelle: Guardian. Update: Evidence Found for Chinese Attack on Google Von John Markoff (NYT).

The last crazy days of

Tuesday, 19.1.2010

“… no matter how frustrated the west becomes with China, its interests are so intertwined that ‘doing a Google’ on any large scale may not be an option. The developed world may simply have to resign itself to an adversarial symbiosis with China …”

China and the west: Full circle


Von James Kynge (