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Expo: The British Pavilion

Saturday, 24.4.2010

Experience the Pavilion (Offizielle Website).

Foto: mrp46. Quelle: Flickr.

Update: British Pavilion; Chelsea Barracks Von Rowan Moore (Guardian).

Beijing: Bankers marching in protest

Saturday, 24.4.2010

China wakes up to politics of protest Von Saibal Dasgupta (Times of India).

China claims to have ‘1st pop singer in Sanskrit’ …

Saturday, 24.4.2010

… may present her during World Expo “… Sa Dingding … is suddenly being promoted by the provincial government of Tibet …” Von Saibal Dasgupta (Times of India).

BYD: Europas Autobauer umgarnen Build Your Dreams

Saturday, 24.4.2010

“… Der Spezialist für strombetriebene Fahrzeuge will seine Autos demnächst erstmals nach Deutschland bringen …” Von Heimo Fischer. Quelle: FT.

The management of officials whose family members have all gone abroad

Saturday, 24.4.2010

Party wants info on spouses, income “… fleeing abroad with ill-gotten gains …” (Shanghai Daily). Vgl. “裸体官员”现象探析 (NBCP).

Music Bridges the Political Divide Between China and Taiwan

Saturday, 24.4.2010

Von Cindy Sui. Quelle: NYT.

Only major policy action … (aktualisiert)

Saturday, 24.4.2010

… can contain China’s speculative property bubble and avert a major crisis Von Andy Xie 谢国忠. Quelle: Update: China Must End Property Bubble, Even if Painful: Report (Reuters).