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Beijing police report using spy plane to look for illegal opium growers

Saturday, 5.6.2010

“… At some places you pay more for water than for alcohol because ecstasy users drink a lot of water after taking it …” Von Huang Shaojie. Quelle: Global Times.

On China’s Overseas Shopping List: Beef

Saturday, 5.6.2010

Quelle: WSJ

The triumphant end of a decade-long government bank bail-out programme? (aktualisiert)

Saturday, 5.6.2010

CHINA ISSUES CAST SHADOW ON LISTING OF AGRICULTURAL 中国农行上市前景不明 “… Chinese regulators are also pressing big foreign banks and investors to subscribe … the government could easily enlist more state enterprises …” Von Jamil Anderlini ( Update: ‘Boring’ Rabobank Has Last Laugh With China Deal (WSJ).