Peking University Students Urge Kong Qingdong’s Dismissal


Nachtrag. “… Kong’s threats of violence to others is far beyond the scope of freedom of speech … often abuses democratic activists, swearing at dare-to-speak Nangfang Daily Press as a ‘traitorous media’ … Kong’s assistant, Yang Chun, stabbed a Beijing News editor, Xu Lai, with a knife, simply because Xu wrote an article criticizing Kong …” Quelle: CFN. Vgl. Professor’s tart reply sets off controversy ( Vgl. “汉奸”的复杂性 “… 公共场合中相当活跃的左派人士。其代表人物是北大教授孔庆东、电视节目主持人司马南等 …” Von Lian Qingchuan (

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