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Aus Shanghais Schönheitskellern

Sunday, 18.12.2011

18 salon staff jailed for coercion “… Once lured into the salon, staff would offer unsuspecting customers free applications of facial products. But once the products were applied, beauticians would claim the chemicals were toxic and that the customer had to buy additional skin-care services as a remedy …” Von Zhao Wen (Shanghai Daily). Vgl. “不美容就毁容”,79人“被消费”34万元 (Jiefang Niu Wang/Jiefang Ribao).

Zarathustra und der Opiumhandel

Sunday, 18.12.2011

Parsen in Indien: Im Lesesaal Zarathustras “… Die Parsen waren es, die den Handel mit China über mutige Schiffsreisen nach Hongkong, Macau und Kanton begründeten …” Von Christoph Hein (FAZ).

China’s Spies Are Catching Up

Sunday, 18.12.2011

Kommentar von David Wise. Quelle: NYT.

Ausstellung in Shanghai: Cutting out guanxi in art shows (aktualisiert)

Sunday, 18.12.2011

“… Three hundred paintings, sculpture, video and other works by 100 yoflickrung artists from around China … an academic committee of 11 members selected the 100 artists in a public event … Wang Zi’s ‘Add One Meter to the Unknown Mountain’ mocks several big names in contemporary art …” Von Wang Jie. Quelle: Shanghai Daily. Vgl. “青年艺术100”巡至上海,成功进军“北上广” (

Quelle: mrp46 (flickr). Ferner: 青年艺术100•上海站 (