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She played the pipa for friends at her modest apartment

Sunday, 29.7.2012

Innocent Pawn or Shrewd Operator: Britons See 2 Sides of Chinese Murder Suspect [Gu Kailai] Von Ravi Somaiya und Sandy MacAskill (NYT). Ferner: The Bo Xilais: China’s Lord and Lady Macbeth Von Jonathan Fenby (Guardian) und China ex-official’s wife OKs lawyers Von Isolda Morillo (SMH).

Taking It to the Street in China

Sunday, 29.7.2012

Von Mark McDonald. Quelle: NYT-Blog. Vgl. 江苏启东数千人冲市府抗议 (Lianhe Zaobao) und Chinese City [Qidong, Jiangsu 启东] Halts Plant’s Waste Project After Thousands Protest (Bloomberg).