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Beschenkung oder Bestechung? Die Kunst der Beziehungen in China.

Friday, 27.9.2013

Von Markus Ackeret. Quelle: NZZ.

Closer Look: Clarifying the Role of Private Educational Institutions

Friday, 27.9.2013

The cabinet says it wants to straighten out confusing aspects of the Education Law, and one expert says the market is the answer. Von Lan Fang. Quelle: Caixin Online. Vgl. 国务院建议修法对民办学校松绑 专家称力度不够 ( Shiji Jingji Daobao).

Ugly legal battles involving the bank and shipping companies

Friday, 27.9.2013

Shandong Shipyard’s Lesson: Don’t Rock a Bank A shipbuilder stung by European clients has spent years fighting a major bank, so far in vain. Von Pang Jiaoming und Wu Jing (Caixin). Vgl. Blogeintrag 农业银行被指勾结国外制造“弃船案”.