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A lot of rumour is mixed with real news in China: Craig S Smith

Sunday, 10.11.2013

Interview with Managing Director, China, The New York Times Company. Quelle: Business Standard (India).

China holds its breath of eve of meeting that could shape future

Sunday, 10.11.2013

China’s 400 most senior leaders are locked in a conclave. Von Malcolm Moore. Quelle: Telegraph.

Wang Keping 王克平

Sunday, 10.11.2013

Artist seeks to sculpt a post-Mao China Wang Keping, a provocative artist critical of China’s government, has opened his first solo exhibition in Beijing. Von Kevin Holden. Quelle: Aljazeera. Vgl. 王克平个展(2013-9-27~2014-1-5)尤伦斯当代艺术中心 (Douban).