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Zhang Jialong: Circumstances of My Dismissal from Tencent

Sunday, 25.5.2014

Quelle: China Change. Vgl. 腾讯记者张贾龙因会晤美国务卿时敢言被解职 (

The one and only neighbor they’re going to have to deal with now and forever is China

Sunday, 25.5.2014

China-Vietnam Maritime Dispute Tests US Pivot to Asia Von Scott Stearns (VOA).

Modernization of the military’s forms of organization

Sunday, 25.5.2014

China’s Leader, Seeking to Build Its Muscle, Pushes Overhaul of the Military Von Jane Prlez und Chris Buckley. Quelle: NYT. Vgl. 习近平任中央军改组组长 将按强军目标推进改革 (