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Beijing – Tianjin – Hebei 京津冀

Thursday, 24.7.2014

China to tackle “fortress economies” in new super-region plan Von David Stanway (Reuters). Vgl. 京津冀区域发展报告发布 河北功能定位:去重型化 (Hebei Xinwen Wang).

A mercenary media system that has gone to the dogs

Wednesday, 23.7.2014

Cash for comment in China’s murky media world “… Alibaba revealed late last week that it was facing “an organised attempt at blackmail” …” Von Fergus Ryan (Business Spectator). Vgl. 揭秘内地影评人”潜规则” 开口费封口费明码标价 (Zhongguo Xinwen Wang, 13.8.2010) und 阿里巴巴上市在即自称遭舆论敲诈 (Dagong Bao).

Academics: would you teach in China?

Tuesday, 22.7.2014

Opportunities to work in China are growing, but expect to adapt your approach to teaching and research. Von Frederika Whitehead. Quelle: Guardian.

China food scandal spreads, drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan

Tuesday, 22.7.2014

Von Adam Jourdan. Quelle: Reuters.

Fliers, bring snacks and water!

Tuesday, 22.7.2014

Hundreds of flights canceled at China airports, more to come (CNN). Vgl. 航班延误季,还飞吗? (

Fastfood-Ketten in Gammelfleisch-Skandal verstrickt

Monday, 21.7.2014

“… von einem Zulieferer in Shanghai abgelaufenes Fleisch bezogen …” Quelle: FAZ.

Avoid being lost in the clamour for western democracy, universal values and civil society

Monday, 21.7.2014

China increases officials’ Communist education to prevent ‘moral decline’ (Reuters)

A recruitment remedy for China’s mismatched labour market

Monday, 21.7.2014

Von Yang Liu. Quelle: Business Spectator.

How China is Destroying Its Own Water Supply

Monday, 21.7.2014

Suicide By Drought Von Sulmaan Khan (Foreign Affairs).

Crowdsourced translation site Cenci gets “erased from the planet”

Monday, 21.7.2014

Another Chinese Website Bites the Dust Von Alexa Olesen (Foreign Policy).

People’s war on terrorism

Monday, 21.7.2014

Beijing assembles people’s army to crush China terrorists with an iron fist Von Tom Phillips (Telegraph).

China’s rich look abroad as home prices fall, others stay put

Monday, 21.7.2014

Von Xiaoyi Shao und Koh Gui Qing. Quelle: Reuters. Vgl. Desperate Times: Chinese City Leverages Party Paper to Sell Houses (WSJ Blog).

Alibaba’s I.P.O. Could Be a Bonanza for the Scions of Chinese Leaders

Monday, 21.7.2014

Von Michael Forsythe. Quelle: NYT Blog.

Writing Chinese Literary History: A Tweet for Sore Eyes

Sunday, 20.7.2014

Von Sabina Knight. Quelle: Chinese Literature Today.

At least 38 killed, 5 injured in China highway collision

Saturday, 19.7.2014

Quelle: Global Times.

China opens first museum of literary classics

Saturday, 19.7.2014

Quelle: CCTV.

Mainland Chinese buyers contribute significantly to global art sales

Saturday, 19.7.2014

Von Jeremy Blum. Quelle: SCMP.

Argentina-China Deals Reflect Asian Country’s Growing Influence

Saturday, 19.7.2014

Von Ken Parks. Quelle: WSJ.

Wehe, Chinas Schuldenberg kommt ins Rutschen

Saturday, 19.7.2014

Von Frank Stocker. Quelle: Welt.

The Retreat of the Elephants: An Environmental History of China

Saturday, 19.7.2014

Von Mark Elvin. Quelle:

Reenvisioning Tan Sitong — Tan as a traditional scholar

Saturday, 19.7.2014

Von Qiang Zhang. Quelle:

Chinas nächste Revolution

Friday, 18.7.2014

Wie der Therapeut Yin Pu Chinesen hilft, die im rasenden Wandel des Lands den Halt verlieren. Von Angela Köckritz. Quelle: Zeit.

Xiaomi-der unbekannte Handygigant aus China

Friday, 18.7.2014

Quelle: Wirtschaftswoche.

The flow of things

Friday, 18.7.2014

For an export superpower, China suffers from surprisingly inefficient logistics. Quelle: Economist.

Chinas unterschätzter Anteil am Zweiten Weltkrieg – Madame Tschiang

Friday, 18.7.2014

Von Urs Schoettli. Quelle: NZZ.