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Mo Di, Xunzi, Yijing

Sunday, 11.1.2015

Bronze Age Chinese Translations in 2014 Von Lucas Klein (Paper Republic).

Shen Hao 沈颢 simply made too many powerful enemies in his pursuit of the truth

Sunday, 11.1.2015

Arrest of inspirational editor Shen Hao marks end of an era for Chinese journalism Von Simon Denyer (WP). Vgl. 21世纪报系总裁沈颢等人被批捕 (

Xinjiang legislature approves burqa ban

Sunday, 11.1.2015

Quelle: Xinhua. Vgl. 新疆批准乌鲁木齐“公共场所禁戴蒙面”规定 (Da Gong Bao).