Alle Einträge vom September, 2017

Smog cuts 3 years off lives in northern China, international study finds

Thursday, 14.9.2017

Von Viola Zhou. Quelle: SCMP.

China Leadership Monitor, Fall 2017 Issue 54

Thursday, 14.9.2017


VW ruft in China Millionen Autos zurück

Thursday, 14.9.2017

“… Mindestens 16 Todesfälle … Die Airbags kommen von der Firma Takata …”. Quelle: Handelsblatt.

Kambodscha: China kommt, die Demokratie geht

Thursday, 14.9.2017

Von Katharin Tai. Quelle: Spiegel Online.

Taiwanischer Menschenrechtler [Lee Ming Cheh] in China vor Gericht

Thursday, 14.9.2017

Quelle: Zeit Online/Agenturen

China will Verbrennungsmotoren verbieten

Thursday, 14.9.2017

Von Christoph Giesen und Max Hägler. Quelle: SZ.

The Tale of 80 Million Fans and 3 Chinese Boys

Tuesday, 12.9.2017

Quelle: Elephant Room

Inviting Nepalese citizens on the other side of the line to help them extend the road farther into Nepal

Tuesday, 12.9.2017

China Builds Road to Nepal Border, Sets Up Flag (RFA)

China Closes Prominent International Hospital: YOUR Most Important Lesson for the Year

Monday, 11.9.2017

Von Dan Harris. Quelle: China Law Blog.

Fleeing From The War-Torn Hometown, They Are Rebuilding Their Lives in Yiwu

Monday, 11.9.2017

Nachtrag. Quelle: Elephant Room. Chin. Quelle hier.

What’s more renao than a stage full of drag queens belting out songs or wailing for the dead person?

Monday, 11.9.2017

A Drag Queen for the Dearly Departed Von Ian Johnson (China File).

China’s Electric Car Push Lures Global Auto Giants, Despite Risks

Monday, 11.9.2017

Von Keith Bradsher. Quelle: NYT. Mit chin. Übersetzung.

It will be difficult for the Mars simulation to imitate the original

Saturday, 9.9.2017

China brings Mars a little closer with replica on Tibet plateau 95,000 square-kilometre space base will be used to train astronauts as well as entertain glamping tourists. Von Tom Phillips (Guardian).

Ancient Chinese Workshop with Professor Christoph Harbsmeier

Saturday, 9.9.2017

Quelle: Oxford University

An Alternative History of Singapore, Through a Comic Book

Thursday, 7.9.2017

Nachtrag. Von Ian Johnson. Mit chin. Übersetzung. Quelle: NYT.

Teas such as “achieved-absolutely-nothing black tea”

Wednesday, 6.9.2017

For Chinese millennials, despondency has a brand name Von Yawen Chen und Tony Munroe (Reuters). Gekürzte chin. Version hier.

China rewrites history with new censorship drive

Tuesday, 5.9.2017

Whitewashing of archives part of wider ideological crackdown by Xi Jinping. Von Ben Bland. Quelle: FT.

In Singapore, Chinese Dialects Revive After Decades of Restrictions

Tuesday, 5.9.2017

Von Ian Johnson. Mit chin. Übersetzung. Quelle: NYT.

End the isolation of Chinese students in Australia

Tuesday, 5.9.2017

“… It means that they have never heard of Liu Xiaobo. At the forefront of the Chinese government’s grip on overseas students is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which has branches at nearly every university in Australia …” Von Alexander Joske. Quelle: Sydney Morning Herald.

Exclusive: In China, the Party’s push for influence inside foreign firms stirs fears

Tuesday, 5.9.2017

Nachtrag. Von Michael Martina. Quelle: Reuters.

China ruft BRICS-Staaten zu freiem Welthandel auf

Monday, 4.9.2017

Quelle: DW/Agenturen

MERICS China Monitor zum 19. Parteitag der KPC

Monday, 4.9.2017

Quelle: Merics

In China will ein Hyperloop-Konkurrent 4000 km/h schaffen

Saturday, 2.9.2017

“Magnetschwebebahnen in Unterdruckröhren, die das ganze Land durchziehen …” Quelle: Wired.

A Parent Confronts Conformity in the Classrooms of China

Friday, 1.9.2017

Alan Paul über das Buch “LITTLE SOLDIERS An American Boy, a Chinese School, and the Global Race to Achieve”von Lenora Chu. Quelle: NYT.