Alle Einträge vom May, 2018

Un recueil de nouvelles de Taiwan, aux éditions Magellan

Sunday, 27.5.2018

Blogpost von Brigitte Duzan.

Un nouveau recueil de nouvelles de Mo Yan traduites en français : « Chien blanc et balançoire » par Brigitte Duzan

Sunday, 27.5.2018

Blogpost von Brigitte Duzan.

The Lost Personal Tales of Mao-Era China

Sunday, 27.5.2018

Von Feng Keli Quelle: Sixth Tone.

Songs for Dead Parents: Corpse, Text, and World in Southwest China

Wednesday, 23.5.2018

Erik Mueggler über ein neues Buch von Marshall Poe. Quelle: newbooksnetwork.

Traumberuf Model

Saturday, 19.5.2018

Fast fashion: for an e-commerce model in China, 150 outfits in 13 hours is a day’s work. Video. Quelle: Aeon.

Animal farming to new heights

Friday, 18.5.2018

Inside China’s million-pound ‘hog hotel’: Farmers keep 1,000 pigs per floor in buildings
as tall as seven storeys to produce the nation’s favourite meat Von Kelsey Cheng. Quelle: Daily Mail. Chin. Übersetzung hier.

Ming China and Vietnam

Monday, 14.5.2018

Ricarda Brosch stellt das Buch “Ming China and Vietnam. Negotiating Borders in Early Modern Asia” von Kathlene Baldanza vor. Quelle: New Books Network.