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China’s fresh meat lovers lament death of live poultry markets

Tuesday, 14.7.2020

Quelle: Straits Times

Chinas Forschung an Künstlicher Intelligenz

Saturday, 11.7.2020

Im Reich allwissender Algorithmen Von Axel Dorloff (Deutschlandfunk Kultur).

Plans ruined

Saturday, 11.7.2020

Chinese university students weigh options after US visa rule change amid coronavirus pandemic (SCMP)

In the most recent poll, almost half of Hong Kong residents polled said they were “very much opposed” to Beijing’s move

Saturday, 11.7.2020

Hong Kong pollster raided by police amid security law crackdown (Guardian)

Novelle von Eileen Chang – Gefahr und Gefühl

Tuesday, 7.7.2020

Aus dem Chinesischen von Susanne Hornfeck und Wang Jue. Besprechung von Ulrike Baureithel. Quelle: Tagesspiegel.

Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi may also be banned

Tuesday, 7.7.2020

Schools told to remove books that might break Hong Kong national security law (SCMP)

‘She doesn’t want to go’: Chinese-Thais defend threatened shrine

Tuesday, 7.7.2020

Quelle: SCMP

Numéro spécial de la revue Jentayu : peste, lèpre et autres épidémies en trente textes

Tuesday, 7.7.2020

Par Brigitte Duzan. Quelle: