Alle Einträge vom August, 2020

Asia’s richest woman named in leaked Cyprus migration documents

Wednesday, 26.8.2020

Quelle: SCMP

340 Chinese vessels just off the biodiverse Galápagos Islands

Tuesday, 25.8.2020

Can anyone stop China’s vast armada of fishing boats? (Guardian)

China’s ageing rural peasants labour into their twilight years as pensions ‘cover only oil and salt’

Monday, 24.8.2020

Quelle: SCMP

Spat at, segregated, policed: Hong Kong’s dark-skinned minorities say they’ve never felt accepted

Monday, 24.8.2020

Quelle: CNN

Swallow it like dog shit

Tuesday, 18.8.2020

He killed a party and a country’: a Chinese insider hits out at Xi Jinping (The Guardian)

China transformed Hong Kong into a typical mainland city, almost overnight

Tuesday, 18.8.2020

Quelle: WP

A Newsroom at the Edge of Autocracy

Saturday, 8.8.2020

Ein Artikel von Atlantic über die South China Morning Post und deren Repilk.

China’s migrant workers facing end of an era as the world’s factories winds down amid coronavirus, US-China trade war

Thursday, 6.8.2020

Quelle: SCMP

An unwavering friend of Taiwan

Thursday, 6.8.2020

US health chief to make most senior visit to Taiwan in decades (CNN)

Wie Peking den Finanzplatz Hongkong demontiert

Thursday, 6.8.2020

Quelle: DW

CIs: Allegations of them being used as espionage hubs

Tuesday, 4.8.2020

India to review Chinese language programmes across universities (The Hindu)

Books pulled from library shelves, songs banned…it’s the new normal in Hong Kong

Monday, 3.8.2020

Quelle: Guardian

China’s young job seekers struggle despite economic recovery

Monday, 3.8.2020

Quelle: Channel News Asia.