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How China’s Western-style micro schools seek to free kids from the stresses of traditional education

Tuesday, 15.8.2017

Von Mandy Zuo. Quelle: SCMP. Chinesischsprachige Version hier.

How China Manages Its Supersized Classrooms

Friday, 4.8.2017

Von Wang Yiwei. Quelle: Sixth Tone.

School in Hot Seat for Insisting on Criminal Checks Only for Migrant Parents

Saturday, 29.7.2017

Von Zhan Nanqian und Li Rongde. Quelle: Caixin Global.

Viele jungen Leute aus China kamen nach Deutschland, weil sie gedacht haben: Die Gebühren sind frei

Thursday, 27.7.2017

Nachtrag. Klage gegen Studiengebühren für Nicht-EU-Ausländer Von Thomas Wagner (Deutschlandfunk).

Spiele-Apps: China bekämpft Computerspielsucht

Wednesday, 12.7.2017

Von Finn Mayer-Kuckuk. Quelle: FR.

Studying in China? Law, culture, language classes are now compulsory

Wednesday, 7.6.2017

Von Nectar Gan. Quelle: SCMP.

Chinese student abused for praising ‘fresh air of free speech’ in US

Saturday, 3.6.2017

Chinese student’s graduation speech in the US causes uproar at home – video (Guardian)

Five years teaching at the top of the world

Monday, 29.5.2017

Tibetan primary school headed by Qimei Ciren is at a higher altitude than Everest base camps. Von Eva Li. Quelle: SCMP.

Graduates put their best face forward

Tuesday, 16.5.2017

Von Beh Yuen Hui. Quelle: The Star. Gekürzte chinesischsprachige Version hier.

Beijing Cracks Down on Steeply Priced ‘School District Homes’

Wednesday, 10.5.2017

Quelle: Sixth Tone

China’s seniors are lining up to go back to college

Wednesday, 10.5.2017

Von Neha Thirani Bagri. Quelle: Quartz. Gekürzte chin. Version hier.

Underprivileged student quota at top schools has improved access to education

Sunday, 7.5.2017

Quelle: Global Times

How and what China is teaching its children in the modern era

Thursday, 4.5.2017

Chinese textbooks’ reinvention of Thomas Edison raises education concerns Von Nathan VanderKlippe (Globe and Mail). Chinesischsprachigiger Artikel auf hier.

What Carrie Lam should do to improve the education sector

Wednesday, 12.4.2017

Von Ip Kin-yuen. Quelle:

Xinjiang steigert Investitionen in Bildung und Infrastruktur

Friday, 31.3.2017

U. a. Themen. Quelle: Merics.

China Economy Draws More Students Back From Abroad

Friday, 3.3.2017

Von Te-Ping Chen. Quelle: WSJ. Vgl. ??:??????? ??????????? (

Anxious Chinese parents cause gene testing boom as they try to discover young children’s talents

Monday, 13.2.2017

Von Neil Connor. Quelle: Telegraph. Vgl. ????????????? (

The Parachute Generation

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

To help their children get into American universities, Chinese parents have started sending them to U.S. high schools — and paying top dollar to do it. Von Brook Marmer. Quelle: NYT.

Why I Quit My Job at a Language Training Company

Thursday, 2.2.2017

Seeing how teachers and salespeople exploit students’ anxieties left me disillusioned and cynical. Von Lu Dan. Quelle:

Speak Chinese and Know What Basel III Means? Global Banks Want You

Thursday, 26.1.2017

Von Denise Wee. Quelle: Bloomberg.

When we got there, it was a little disorganized

Friday, 20.1.2017

Beijing study abroad program suspended indefinitely Von Lisa Wang (Stanford Daily).

Peking University Loses Plagiarism Lawsuit

Friday, 20.1.2017

“… suspicions that her dissertation — which dealt with French journalism in 1775 — showed signs of plagiarism …” Von Matthew Walsh. Quelle: Sixth Tone.

The seven don’t mentions

Saturday, 14.1.2017

Prominent Chinese university bans staff from criticising Communist Party in class Von Nectar Gan (SCMP).

Children coming to the city for their education from across the border

Monday, 9.1.2017

Learning, the hard way – Why Hong Kong and mainland China are scoring poorly on cross-border schooling (SCMP)

Xi Jinping wants both academic excellence and tighter grip on campuses. Go figure

Monday, 19.12.2016

Von Cary Huang. Quelle: SCMP.