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What Carrie Lam should do to improve the education sector

Wednesday, 12.4.2017

Von Ip Kin-yuen. Quelle:

Xinjiang steigert Investitionen in Bildung und Infrastruktur

Friday, 31.3.2017

U. a. Themen. Quelle: Merics.

China Economy Draws More Students Back From Abroad

Friday, 3.3.2017

Von Te-Ping Chen. Quelle: WSJ. Vgl. ??:??????? ??????????? (

Anxious Chinese parents cause gene testing boom as they try to discover young children’s talents

Monday, 13.2.2017

Von Neil Connor. Quelle: Telegraph. Vgl. ????????????? (

The Parachute Generation

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

To help their children get into American universities, Chinese parents have started sending them to U.S. high schools — and paying top dollar to do it. Von Brook Marmer. Quelle: NYT.

Why I Quit My Job at a Language Training Company

Thursday, 2.2.2017

Seeing how teachers and salespeople exploit students’ anxieties left me disillusioned and cynical. Von Lu Dan. Quelle:

Speak Chinese and Know What Basel III Means? Global Banks Want You

Thursday, 26.1.2017

Von Denise Wee. Quelle: Bloomberg.

When we got there, it was a little disorganized

Friday, 20.1.2017

Beijing study abroad program suspended indefinitely Von Lisa Wang (Stanford Daily).

Peking University Loses Plagiarism Lawsuit

Friday, 20.1.2017

“… suspicions that her dissertation — which dealt with French journalism in 1775 — showed signs of plagiarism …” Von Matthew Walsh. Quelle: Sixth Tone.

The seven don’t mentions

Saturday, 14.1.2017

Prominent Chinese university bans staff from criticising Communist Party in class Von Nectar Gan (SCMP).

Children coming to the city for their education from across the border

Monday, 9.1.2017

Learning, the hard way – Why Hong Kong and mainland China are scoring poorly on cross-border schooling (SCMP)

Xi Jinping wants both academic excellence and tighter grip on campuses. Go figure

Monday, 19.12.2016

Von Cary Huang. Quelle: SCMP.

China universities must become Communist party ’strongholds’, says Xi Jinping

Saturday, 10.12.2016

Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guardian.

China falls from top in global education ranking after Beijing, Guangdong added to survey

Wednesday, 7.12.2016

Quelle: SCMP.

In China vor und hinter der Kamera: Schüler des Trierer Humboldt-Gymnasiums berichten von ihrem Film-Workshop

Monday, 5.12.2016

Quelle: Volksfreund

Die Ergebnisse unserer Studie zeugen von der Wirksamkeit von Unterrichtsmaterialien

Tuesday, 29.11.2016

Gehirnwäsche in der Schule Von Davide Cantoni (FAZ).

Gerade wir Mädels dachten, dass gesunde Ernährung in China …

Tuesday, 15.11.2016

Auslandssemster von TZ-Mitarbeiterin Judith Alpmann: Vier Lügen über China (Taunus-Zeitung).

Kampagne: Westliche Werte an Chinas Universitäten unter Beschuss

Saturday, 12.11.2016

Von Axel Dorloff. Quelle: Deutschlandfunk.

Education Gap Widens Despite 500 Billion Yuan Preschool Program

Thursday, 10.11.2016

Quelle: Caixin.

Chinese Company’s Connection to US Universities Raises Questions

Sunday, 6.11.2016

Quelle: Voice of America.

Xi’s wife [Peng Liyuan] meets German students, teachers

Sunday, 30.10.2016

Nachtrag. Quelle: Xinhua.

Shanghai private schools warned to focus more on official subjects, including ideology

Thursday, 27.10.2016

Von Mandy Zuo. Quelle: SCMP.

China has 61 million left-behind children … that’s almost Britain’s total population

Saturday, 22.10.2016

Von Mimi Lau. Quelle: SCMMP.

Big Brother is watching you

Tuesday, 11.10.2016

Students raise privacy fears after liberal Chinese university installs CCTV cameras in lecture halls. Von Mimi Lau. Quelle: SCMP.

China’s Small Universities Gaining Popularity, Excelling by Global Standards

Monday, 10.10.2016

Von Ana Ablaza. Quelle: Yibada.