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Chinese-Indonesians in the Netherlands still feel the pull of home

Sunday, 3.1.2021

Quelle: SCMP

As xenophobia rises, Chinese-American communities look out for themselves

Sunday, 25.10.2020

Quelle: SCMP

Bizarre virtual kidnapping in Australia highlights risk to Chinese students

Sunday, 27.9.2020

Quelle: The Guardian

Why some in Japan’s hafu community say they feel like foreigners in their own country

Friday, 25.9.2020

Quelle: CNN

Coronavirus exposes struggles of poor Indonesian-Chinese families

Tuesday, 8.9.2020

Quelle: SCMP

Why fears of communism, anti-China sentiment are a potent mix in Indonesia

Tuesday, 8.9.2020

Quelle: SCMP

‘She doesn’t want to go’: Chinese-Thais defend threatened shrine

Tuesday, 7.7.2020

Quelle: SCMP

The West has lost its way, but China may not be the beneficiary, says historian Wang Gungwu

Friday, 22.5.2020

Von Chow Yian Ping. Quelle: SCMP.

Good immigrant, bad immigrant: What the repeal of DACA means for undocumented Asian Americans

Tuesday, 5.12.2017

Nachtrag. For the 120,000 Asian Americans eligible for the program, model minority pressures run high. Von Nancy Huang. Quelle: Hyphen.

Could Anti-Chinese Violence Flare Again in Indonesia?

Monday, 23.10.2017

Jakarta’s new governor Anies Baswedan has called on the Muslim majority ‘pribumi’ to be ‘masters of an independent country’, raising fears of a return to the country’s dark past of sectarianism and interethnic strife. Von Jeffrey Hutton. Quelle: SCMP.

Life and violent death in Chinatown: Hong Kong-born mob boss Tony Young’s story

Sunday, 24.9.2017

The gang leader turned pillar of the community was playing mahjong when he was stabbed to death in Los Angeles in January. Von Cindy Chang. Quelle: SCMP.

An Alternative History of Singapore, Through a Comic Book

Thursday, 7.9.2017

Nachtrag. Von Ian Johnson. Mit chin. Übersetzung. Quelle: NYT.

In Singapore, Chinese Dialects Revive After Decades of Restrictions

Tuesday, 5.9.2017

Von Ian Johnson. Mit chin. Übersetzung. Quelle: NYT.

End the isolation of Chinese students in Australia

Tuesday, 5.9.2017

“… It means that they have never heard of Liu Xiaobo. At the forefront of the Chinese government’s grip on overseas students is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which has branches at nearly every university in Australia …” Von Alexander Joske. Quelle: Sydney Morning Herald.

Wir sind alle Chinesen – fast überall. Zur Nationalität der Mone Wun in Birma

Monday, 26.6.2017

Blogpost von Amanda Kwan und Ulrich Neininger.

Isis claims to kill Chinese couple studying and teaching in Pakistan

Tuesday, 13.6.2017

Von Sune Engel Rasmussen und Kiyya Baloch. Quelle: Guardian.

Chinese student abused for praising ‘fresh air of free speech’ in US

Saturday, 3.6.2017

Chinese student’s graduation speech in the US causes uproar at home – video (Guardian)

Chinese-French Millennials Protest Police Shooting—and the ‘Model Minority’ Myth

Tuesday, 18.4.2017

Von Sophie Chou. Quelle: Global Voices/PRI.

Why are Chinese moving to Malaysia by the thousands?

Saturday, 25.3.2017

With an election looming, the country’s often fraught race relations are as complicated as ever, but that hasn’t dented its appeal to a ‘third wave’ of immigrants from China. “… the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme …” Von Tashny Sukumaran und Coco Liu. Quelle: SCMP.

The Chinese who struggled in US and their classmate who made it at home

Monday, 6.3.2017

In the 1980s and ’90s, thousands of young men from a single county in Fujian risked life and limb for a shot at the American dream. Some turned back and are living the Chinese dream instead. Von Rong Xiaoqing. Quelle: SCMP.

Pure, unadulterated Anglo-Saxon stock

Saturday, 11.2.2017

First they came for the Chinese: Trump’s assault on Muslims puts US back 135 years “… recalls the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 – when immigrants from China were on the receiving end …” Von Chow Chung-Yan (SCMP).

Wenn in Deutschland ein Sack Kondome umfällt, interessiert das in China möglicherweise schon jemanden

Saturday, 11.2.2017

China-Bordelle: Prozessbeteiligte zeigen Fairness “… über 20 Betriebsstätten …” Von Kristin Dowe (Westfalenpost).

The Parachute Generation

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

To help their children get into American universities, Chinese parents have started sending them to U.S. high schools — and paying top dollar to do it. Von Brook Marmer. Quelle: NYT.

The mixed fortunes of Eurasians: how Hong Kong, China and US viewed intermarriage

Wednesday, 1.2.2017

Von Kate Whitehead. Quelle: SCMP.

There Have Been Chinese Australians Since 1818, But Have We Ever (Truly) Belonged?

Thursday, 26.1.2017

For 200 years we’ve been stuck, somewhere, between the colonists and colonised. Von Monica Tan. Quelle: