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Wir sind alle Chinesen – fast überall. Zur Nationalität der Mone Wun in Birma

Monday, 26.6.2017

Blogpost von Amanda Kwan und Ulrich Neininger.

Isis claims to kill Chinese couple studying and teaching in Pakistan

Tuesday, 13.6.2017

Von Sune Engel Rasmussen und Kiyya Baloch. Quelle: Guardian.

Chinese student abused for praising ‘fresh air of free speech’ in US

Saturday, 3.6.2017

Chinese student’s graduation speech in the US causes uproar at home – video (Guardian)

Chinese-French Millennials Protest Police Shooting—and the ‘Model Minority’ Myth

Tuesday, 18.4.2017

Von Sophie Chou. Quelle: Global Voices/PRI.

Why are Chinese moving to Malaysia by the thousands?

Saturday, 25.3.2017

With an election looming, the country’s often fraught race relations are as complicated as ever, but that hasn’t dented its appeal to a ‘third wave’ of immigrants from China. “… the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme …” Von Tashny Sukumaran und Coco Liu. Quelle: SCMP.

The Chinese who struggled in US and their classmate who made it at home

Monday, 6.3.2017

In the 1980s and ’90s, thousands of young men from a single county in Fujian risked life and limb for a shot at the American dream. Some turned back and are living the Chinese dream instead. Von Rong Xiaoqing. Quelle: SCMP.

Pure, unadulterated Anglo-Saxon stock

Saturday, 11.2.2017

First they came for the Chinese: Trump’s assault on Muslims puts US back 135 years “… recalls the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 – when immigrants from China were on the receiving end …” Von Chow Chung-Yan (SCMP).

Wenn in Deutschland ein Sack Kondome umfällt, interessiert das in China möglicherweise schon jemanden

Saturday, 11.2.2017

China-Bordelle: Prozessbeteiligte zeigen Fairness “… über 20 Betriebsstätten …” Von Kristin Dowe (Westfalenpost).

The Parachute Generation

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

To help their children get into American universities, Chinese parents have started sending them to U.S. high schools — and paying top dollar to do it. Von Brook Marmer. Quelle: NYT.

The mixed fortunes of Eurasians: how Hong Kong, China and US viewed intermarriage

Wednesday, 1.2.2017

Von Kate Whitehead. Quelle: SCMP.

There Have Been Chinese Australians Since 1818, But Have We Ever (Truly) Belonged?

Thursday, 26.1.2017

For 200 years we’ve been stuck, somewhere, between the colonists and colonised. Von Monica Tan. Quelle:

Singapore’s Landscape of Religious Freedom

Tuesday, 27.12.2016

Von Barry Desker. Quelle: RSIS.

“Dragon Springs Road”, by Janie Chang

Tuesday, 27.12.2016

Besprechung eines Romans (

Why Are So Many First-generation Chinese Immigrants Supporting Donald Trump?

Thursday, 24.11.2016

Nachtrag. “The … gang behind those robberies, police said, specifically targeted Asian-owned homes — discernible by the shoes left on the front porch …” Von Kaiser Kuo. Quelle:

China’s most-wanted economic fugitive Yang Xiuzhu surrenders

Thursday, 17.11.2016

Quelle: BBC.

Ahok gehört der chinesischstämmigen Minderheit in Indonesien an

Saturday, 5.11.2016

Jakarta: Radikale Muslime protestieren gegen Gouverneur (DW/Agenturen). Ferner: Schlaglicht auf Rassismus: Ein Chinese in Jakarta lehnt sich auf Von Manfred Rist (NZZ).

In China, you learn a lot from what people don’t tell you, ex-Hong Kong academic says

Wednesday, 2.11.2016

Madeleine Thien … talks about her solitary Canadian upbringing and the price to pay for questioning China’s direction. Quelle: SCMP/Guardian.

How one Chinese American became politically aware …

Wednesday, 2.11.2016

… and joined the ranks of Trump supporters Von Liu Zhen (SCMP).

Anhui’s Migrant Workers Choose Spain Over Shenzhen

Monday, 17.10.2016

Von Ni Dandan. Quelle: Sixth Tone.

‘The Wangs vs. the World’ by Jade Chang

Wednesday, 5.10.2016

Jade Chang im Interview. Quelle:

Four Stories on What It Means to Be Chinese in America

Saturday, 17.9.2016

Emily Eakin bespricht den Roman The Fortunes von Peter Ho Davies (NYT).

Bugs Bunny, the Novel, and Transnationalism

Monday, 12.9.2016

“… the Indonesian-Chinese writer Xu Xi has lived between Hong Kong, where she was raised, and New York …” Ysabelle Cheung interviews Xu Xi. Quelle: LARB.

This is all business as usual, and that’s why it’s so wrong

Thursday, 8.9.2016

Sam Dastyari: Riding the red dragon express not a good look Von Peter Hartcher (SMH). Dazu: China’s local emperor Huang Xiangmo says politics just like sport (Financial Review).

The Wangs Vs the World

Wednesday, 31.8.2016

Interview: Jade Chang’s Wangs Vs the World tells a different immigrant story “The Los Angeles-based journalist’s first novel …” Von Alison Singh Gee (SCMP).

Leftover women

Friday, 19.8.2016

Profile: author Leta Hong Fincher explains how term ‘leftover women’ is Chinese propaganda The writer and journalist reveals how the ‘hogwash’ phrase is exploited in attempt to increase procreation among the young and educated. Von Sarah Lazarus (SCMP).