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The China-based foreigners defending Beijing from Xinjiang genocide claims

Thursday, 1.4.2021

Quelle: SCMP

Zhang Zhan: A Six-Minute Documentary

Tuesday, 29.12.2020


China has built 380 internment camps in Xinjiang, study finds

Friday, 25.9.2020

Quelle: Guardian

Hong Kong protesters hold banned Tiananmen vigil as anthem law is passed

Thursday, 4.6.2020

Von Verna Yu. Quelle: Guardian.

Why Berlin is the favorite city of Chinese dissidents

Wednesday, 18.7.2018

Von Vivienne Chow. Quelle: Quartz.

China loses critic as United States pulls out of UN Human Rights Council, analysts say

Thursday, 21.6.2018

Von Keegan Elmer und Liu Zhen. Quelle: SCMP.

‘Travesty’ trial ends in China with lawyer Jiang Tianyong jailed

Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian.

News About Uighur Scholar Ilham Tohti on the Third Anniversary of His Sentencing: No News

Sunday, 24.9.2017

Quelle: China Change

Taiwanischer Menschenrechtler [Lee Ming Cheh] in China vor Gericht

Thursday, 14.9.2017

Quelle: Zeit Online/Agenturen

Remembering Liu Xiaobo — And What the U. S. Can

Wednesday, 26.7.2017

Von Yang Jianli. Quelle: China Change.

Get out! Chinese agents bar access to the ‘free’ wife of Liu Xiaobo

Friday, 21.7.2017

Plainclothes agents surround Guardian within seconds of arriving at Beijing apartment of Liu Xia, who activists say has ‘fallen off the face of the Earth’. Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guardian.

Liu Xiaobo: The man China couldn’t erase

Sunday, 16.7.2017

Von Carrie Gracie. Quelle: BBC.

Liu Xiaobo ist tot: Für die Welt ein Friedensbringer, für China ein Gefährder

Friday, 14.7.2017

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt. Vgl. Merics-Update.

Liu Xiaobo, Chinese Dissident Who Won Nobel While Jailed, Dies at 61

Friday, 14.7.2017

Von Chris Buckley. Quelle: NYT.

Warum China einen deutschen Arzt falsch verstehen will

Wednesday, 12.7.2017

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Athen blockiert EU-Erklärung zu China im UN-Menschenrechtsrat

Saturday, 8.7.2017

“… China … betrachtet die griechischen Häfen als wichtige Stationen seiner Initiative „Neue Seidenstraße“ …” Quelle: Merics.

China invites foreign doctors to treat Liu Xiaobo, the critically ill dissident

Wednesday, 5.7.2017

Medical experts from the US and Germany are reported to have been invited to help treat Liu for late-stage liver cancer. Quelle: Guardian.

Insistence on non-violent resistance and political opposition

Saturday, 1.7.2017

Liu Xiaobo: The Founder of China’s Political Opposition Movements Von Wu Qiang (China Change).

China’s ‘war on law’: victims’ wives tell US Congress of torture and trauma

Sunday, 4.6.2017

Women whose husbands were targets of Communist party crackdown on human rights lawyers call for US sanctions. Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guardian.

‘Emaciated, unrecognisable’: China releases human rights lawyer [Li Heping] from custody

Thursday, 11.5.2017

Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guardian.

Amnesty-International: China – der Todesstrafen-Rekordhalter

Saturday, 15.4.2017

Von Steffen Wurzel. Quelle:

‘I have decided to travel to Beijing, find out what is going on, and rescue my husband’

Saturday, 1.4.2017

A Statement by Wife of Taiwanese NGO Worker Lee Ming-che (China Change)

Announcement of the Establishment of the China Anti-Torture Alliance

Friday, 17.2.2017

Quelle: China Change

Person of the Week: Ai Xiaoming

Sunday, 12.2.2017

“… a documentary filmmaker, author, and women’s rights activist …” Von Anne Henochowicz. Quelle: China Digital Times.

China may still be using executed prisoners’ organs, official admits

Friday, 10.2.2017

Von Stephanie Kirchgaessner. Quelle: Guardian.