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Assessing China’s prospects for carbon neutrality

Tuesday, 15.12.2020

Quelle: eji

What China’s plan for net-zero emissions by 2060 means for the climate

Tuesday, 6.10.2020

Meinungsartikel. Quelle: SCMP

The Last Farewell to the Mighty Mekong

Thursday, 17.9.2020

Quelle: The Diplomat

The solar industry could be a ticking time bomb

Wednesday, 18.7.2018

The Dark Side of China’s Solar Boom The sun’s shining on the world’s largest solar industry, but experts warn that there could be problems brewing on the horizon. Von Bibek Bhandari und Nicole Lim (Sixth Tone).

Elektromobilität: China gewährt deutschen Autobauern eine Gnadenfrist

Thursday, 5.10.2017

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

High-performance solar cells so far used mainly in high-tech products like satellites

Saturday, 16.9.2017

With high-performance cells, China takes aim at high-end solar market. Von Meng Meng und Henning Gloystein. Quelle: Reuters.

Staatskonzerne fusionieren zu weltgrößtem Energieversorger [National Energy Group]

Tuesday, 29.8.2017

Quelle: Stttgarter Zeitung/Reuters

Das schwimmende Kraftwerk hat Vor-, aber auch Nachteile

Thursday, 10.8.2017

160.000 Solarpanele auf dem Wasser Von Steffen Wurzel (ARD).

Hubei closes 134 large-scale farms to protect water source

Monday, 7.8.2017

Quelle: Xinhua Net.

Das größte schwimmende Solarkraftwerk der Welt gebaut

Tuesday, 1.8.2017

Von Jan Oliver Löfken. Quelle: Heise.

Why China’s wasting huge amounts of cleanly-produced electricity and how to fix it

Tuesday, 13.6.2017

Quelle: AP/SCMP

Solarsupermacht China

Sunday, 9.4.2017

Quelle: gtai.

China’s New-Energy Vehicle Sales Fire on All Cylinders

Saturday, 18.3.2017

Von Coco Feng. Quelle: Caixin.

China’s world-beating solar farm is almost as big as Macau

Friday, 24.2.2017

Von Josh Ye. Quelle: SCMP.

Nach Raketentest: China stoppt Kohle-Importe aus Nordkorea

Sunday, 19.2.2017

Quelle: Merkur

Australia uneasy over Chinese influence in Papua New Guinea mid increasing infrastructure investment

Tuesday, 14.2.2017

Von Eric Tlozek. Quelle:

Hydro dams advancing up the rivers of eastern Tibet

Tuesday, 17.1.2017


The factory in a wetland park

Monday, 2.1.2017

Is China’s electric car dream turning into a zombie nightmare? Rush to benefit from government subsidies spawned many small, ‘new-energy’ carmakers; few are expected to survive. Von Jane Cai (SCMP).

Shanghai trucks fueled by recycled edible oil

Thursday, 8.12.2016


China baut riesiges Werk für Elektrobusse

Thursday, 8.12.2016


Joy as China shelves plans to dam ‘angry river’

Saturday, 3.12.2016

“Environmentalists celebrate …” Von Tom Philipps. Quelle: Guardian.

Zwei Gigawatt: Chinas größter Solarpark besteht aus mehr als sechs Millionen Modulen

Monday, 17.10.2016

Quelle: Trends der Zukunft.

China to sell portable nuclear reactor – based on ‘fundamentally unsafe’ design used in 1970s Soviet subs

Thursday, 13.10.2016

Von Ian Johnston. Quelle: Independent.

Abandoned Top-Secret Nuclear Military Plant Transformed Into Tourist Attraction

Monday, 10.10.2016

Von Joana Dyan Ordonez. Quelle: Travelers Today.

Weltgrößtes Schiffshebewerk geht am Jangtse in China in Betrieb

Wednesday, 5.10.2016