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Chinas beliebteste Dating-Show nimmt sich Deutschland vor

Saturday, 21.9.2013

Von Ning Xiaoxiao 宁宵宵, übersetzt von Julia Buddeberg. Quelle: Deutsch-Chinesisches Kulturnetz. Vgl. 当“留德华”登上《非诚勿扰》.

Death Row Interviews (BBC Documentary – 2013)

Saturday, 7.9.2013

Nachtrag. Quelle: Youtube/BBC.

Bruno Wu und ich glauben an das Bewegtbild

Wednesday, 14.8.2013

China-Pläne: Middelhoff wird Film-Produzent (

Too Popular for Their Own Good: China Restricts TV Singing Competitions

Saturday, 27.7.2013

“… ratings are sky-high …” Von Lotus Yuen. Quelle: The Atlantic.

Will this event represent a milestone in China’s artistic world?

Wednesday, 17.7.2013

Reinvigorated CCTV gala brings hope for art scene “The organizers of China Central Television’s 2014 Spring Festival Gala …” (Xinhua).

The life of Süleyman the Magnificent (1520-1566)

Saturday, 6.7.2013

Nachtrag. CCTV Buys Rights to Air Turkish Soap Opera Scorned by Turkey’s Prime Minister Von Bruce Humes (Ethnic ChinaLit).

BBC’s Africa funded by China

Saturday, 26.1.2013

Several of the BBC’s best-loved programmes, including wildlife documentary Africa, are being partly funded by China. Von Alice Philipson. Quelle: Telegraph.

People should not be afraid of their governments

Friday, 21.12.2012

Viewers shocked after China airs V for Vendetta, raising hopes the ruling Communist Party is loosening censorship Von Louise Watt (National Post/AP).

Imperial court drama thrills Taiwan, dismays China

Monday, 10.12.2012

Von Annie Huang. Quelle: Yahoo/AP.

A full-on charm offensive

Friday, 17.8.2012

Pursuing Soft Power, China Puts Stamp on Africa’s News Von Andrew Jacobs (NYT).

A homage to the American sitcom

Wednesday, 8.8.2012

Doubts raised over Chinese sitcom “… claiming the show has lifted plot points and jokes from the likes of Friends …” Von Matthew Burgess (SMH). Vgl. 《爱情公寓3》被指抄袭 (Xinmin Wang/Chengshi Kuaibao) und 评”爱情公寓”抄袭风波:这就是一个克隆的时代 (Zhongguo Xinwen Wang/ Nanning Wanbao).

Sina Offers Web TV Service to Win China Social Networkers

Friday, 13.7.2012

Von Mark Lee und Belinda Cao. Quelle: Bloomberg.

Oddly Monolingual Manchu Emperors and “New Qing History”

Friday, 6.7.2012

Nachtrag. Blogeintrag von Bruce Humes.

Der TV-Zweiteiler “Helden der Aufklärung”

Friday, 29.6.2012

Eine chinesisch-europäische Zusammenarbeit. Quelle: Zeit.

Chen Ping 陈平 und iSunTV 阳光卫视

Monday, 2.4.2012

Ein zweigesichtiges Wesen Angela Köckritz über einen reichen Unternehmer, der sich eine HK-Fernsehstation (iSunTV 阳光卫视) und ein iPad-Magazin leistet (Zeit). Vgl. 北京广电局注销阳光卫视《广播电视节目制作经营许可证》 (, 7.9.2011).

Why Chinese Web Video Is Like the Steel Business

Wednesday, 14.3.2012

Von Bruce Einhorn. Quelle: Bloomerg Businessweek.

All die bittersüßen Empfindungen (aktualisiert)

Tuesday, 13.3.2012

Makabrer TV-Hit in China: Die letzten Worte vor der Hinrichtung (RPO Online). Vgl. 丁瑜访226名死囚 揭北京隐藏的一面 ( Update: China stoppt umstrittene TV-Show Von Bernhard Bartsch (FR).

Reality television proved too real for the censors

Monday, 2.1.2012

China TV grows racy, gets a chaperone Von Edward Wong (Business

First 3D TV channel set to air

Wednesday, 28.12.2011

Von Xu Wei. Quelle: Shanghai Daily.

China bans TV ads during dramas and films 中国禁止电视剧插播广告

Tuesday, 29.11.2011

Von Kathrin Hille. Quelle:

Reality shows’ downward spiral into fictional fantasies

Friday, 11.11.2011

Nachtrag. “… based on a script and played by actors …” Von Rong Xiaoqing. Quelle: Global Times.

China’s state broadcaster to open U.S. studio: report

Tuesday, 8.11.2011

Quelle: Reuters. Vgl. China looks to boost image with global English language TV service 中国央视在华盛顿设立美国广播中心 (

Reality bites: China orders crackdown on ‘vulgar’ TV shows

Wednesday, 26.10.2011

State broadcasting watchdog orders curb on dating shows and talent contests in favour of ‘morality building’ output. Von Tania Branigan. Quelle: Guardian.

Outrage as transsexual dancer barred from role as TV judge

Thursday, 22.9.2011

Von Dong Zhen. Quelle: Shanghai Daily.

China watchdog shuts down TV talent show

Tuesday, 20.9.2011

Von Clifford Conan. Quelle: Irish Times. Vgl. 中国电视选秀节目《快乐女声》被叫停 China pulls pop idol show after TV voting deemed too subversive (