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Belt and Road middleman role is a dead end for Hong Kong

Wednesday, 10.5.2017

Von Jake Van Der Kamp. Quelle: SCMP.

Things you probably didn’t know about Chungking Mansions

Thursday, 20.4.2017

Von Frank Chen. Quelle: EJ Insight.

What Carrie Lam should do to improve the education sector

Wednesday, 12.4.2017

Von Ip Kin-yuen. Quelle:

Filipino maid turned photographer wins fresh acclaim

Wednesday, 8.3.2017


Hong Kong can create its own smog, researchers say

Monday, 6.3.2017

Von Ernest Kao. Quelle: SCMP.

Sucked into the black hole of China’s security state

Monday, 13.2.2017

‘The darkest time’: Hong Kong reels over bizarre disappearance of Chinese billionaire Xiao Jianhua vanished from his luxury hotel residence, reportedly spirited away by China’s state security in a wheelchair and covered by a sheet (Guardian).

Not saying no, from a Chinese family, is the strongest sign of support

Friday, 10.2.2017

The Hong Kong banker who gave up his career to negotiate with Taliban kidnappers and help victims of Syrian civil war
“Frontline Red Cross worker Jason Yip …” Von Tessa Chan. Quelle: SCMP.

Why I Quit My Job at a Language Training Company

Thursday, 2.2.2017

Seeing how teachers and salespeople exploit students’ anxieties left me disillusioned and cynical. Von Lu Dan. Quelle:

The mixed fortunes of Eurasians: how Hong Kong, China and US viewed intermarriage

Wednesday, 1.2.2017

Von Kate Whitehead. Quelle: SCMP.

A Palace Museum in Hong Kong …

Tuesday, 17.1.2017

… opens door to a wealth of treasures Von Enid Tsui (SCMP).

The roadside retribution vendors

Tuesday, 10.1.2017

Hong Kong’s ‘villain hitters’ use sorcery to vent political anger Von Benjamin Haas und Eric Cheung (Guardian).

Children coming to the city for their education from across the border

Monday, 9.1.2017

Learning, the hard way – Why Hong Kong and mainland China are scoring poorly on cross-border schooling (SCMP)

Jonathan Wattis on his 30 years in Hong Kong’s antiques trade

Monday, 2.1.2017

The British dealer in antique maps, rare books, painting and photographs remembers when Central felt like a village. Von Annemarie Evans. Quelle: SCMP.

Indonesia reviews Hong Kong’s domestic worker conditions amid calls for further minimum wage rise

Monday, 2.1.2017

Newly installed and outspoken consul general backs unionists demands for higher income for thousands of migrant workers. Von Phila Siu. Quelle: SCMP.

Red light district as part of the city’s cultural heritage

Tuesday, 27.12.2016

Losing sex appeal? The future of Hong Kong’s red light districts Von Rachel Blundy (SCMP).

Book review – Wartime Macau: Under the Japanese Shadow investigates the precarious freedom of a neutral enclave

Saturday, 24.12.2016

Von Peter Gordon. Quelle: SCMP.

47 years of Hong Kong’s changing places and faces – through lens of photographer Keith Macgregor

Thursday, 15.12.2016

Von Guy Haydon. Quelle: SCMP.

Pope’s possible deal with China would ‘betray Christ’, says Hong Kong cardinal

Tuesday, 29.11.2016

“Senior Catholic Joseph Zen says …” Von Benjamin Haas und Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guardian.

Hong Kong abductions: Marco Rubio seeks US sanctions against officials

Saturday, 19.11.2016

Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian.

China tries to snuff out separatism in Hong Kong

Wednesday, 16.11.2016

Quelle: Economist.

Rally against Beijing’s interpretation of Basic Law ends …

Monday, 7.11.2016

… as police with batons chase protesters from area (SCMP)

Hong Kong shuts down as Typhoon Haima’s approach disrupts transport and public services

Saturday, 22.10.2016

Quelle: SCMP

Hong Kong has become a lesson rather than a showcase for “one country, two systems”

Wednesday, 19.10.2016

How Beijing might win the battle but lose the war Von Chung Man (

China Rejects British Concerns Over ‘Legal Interference’ in Hong Kong

Thursday, 13.10.2016

Quelle: NYT.

What renminbi internationalization means for Hong Kong

Wednesday, 5.10.2016

Von Ronald Wang. Quelle: