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What China is getting right in ecommerce and what the West can learn

Wednesday, 22.3.2017

Von Alice Melnik. Quelle:

Secretive Billionaire [Duan Yongping] Reveals How He Toppled Apple in China

Monday, 20.3.2017

Quelle: Bloomberg

Wiping out crime: face-scanners placed in public toilet to tackle loo roll theft

Monday, 20.3.2017

Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian. Ferner: Artikel in SCMP.

The lucrative but extremely competitive global online gaming sector

Saturday, 18.3.2017

Alibaba Makes 1 Billion Yuan Game-Distribution Play Von Liao Yongqi und Yang Ge (Caixin).

American Unrest Proves China Got the Internet Right

Thursday, 16.3.2017

Von Ran Jijun. Quelle: FP. Vgl. Artikel in Huanqiu Shibao.

Chinese official [Luo Fuhe] calls for easing of internet censorship

Saturday, 4.3.2017

“… hinders economic progress while discouraging foreign investors …” Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian.

Cashing in on dystopia

Saturday, 18.2.2017

Nachtrag. Through a simple mobile transaction, you, too, can be Big Brother. Von David Bandurski. Quelle:

Mysterious outlets polish N.Korea image using Chinese-registered domains

Friday, 13.1.2017

“… …” Von Zhang Yu. Quelle: Global Times.

Through a simple mobile transaction, you, too, can be Big Brother

Thursday, 5.1.2017

Cashing in on dystopia Von David Bandurski (

A New Voice for Taiwan in Times of High Uncertainty – Taiwan Sentinel

Thursday, 5.1.2017


China’s state broadcaster CCTV rebrands international networks as CGTN in global push

Sunday, 1.1.2017

Quelle: SCMP/AP.

WeChat Cracks Down on Online Donations for Unauthorized Religious Services

Sunday, 25.12.2016

Von Teng Jing Xuan. Quelle: Caixin Online.

Putin brings China’s Great Firewall to Russia in cybersecurity pact

Wednesday, 30.11.2016

Von Andrei Soldatov und Irina Borogan. Quelle: Guardian.

Name, Adresse und Nummernschild

Tuesday, 22.11.2016

Top-Manager sorgt für Image-Knick in China “… Aufgrund eines Streits auf einem Parkplatz …” (Handelsblatt).

China to introduce new high-speed trains with fold-out beds and wifi!

Saturday, 19.11.2016

Quelle: Shanghaiist

China’s Tech Unicorns Look Increasingly Cursed

Thursday, 17.11.2016

Von Christina Larson. Quelle: Bloomberg. Vgl. 美媒:中国科技“独角兽”正陷入诅咒 (

China internet authority formalizes regulations for live-streaming industry

Friday, 4.11.2016

Quelle: Reuters.

Alipay pushes global expansion

Tuesday, 1.11.2016


Alle USB-Sticks verschlüsseln, das ist die Low-Cost-Variante

Monday, 31.10.2016

Abschottung vom Web: China setzt auf “Cyber-Souveränität” Von Steffen Wurzel. Quelle: Deutschlandfunk.

China’s Divided Netizens

Tuesday, 25.10.2016

Von Guobin Yang. Quelle:

Some are not very professional

Monday, 24.10.2016

Can China’s Internet celebrities run successful businesses? Von Mandy Zuo (SCMP). Vgl. 港媒:网络名人做生意成功的根本还是得要看产品 (Huanqiu Shibao).

I Broadcast Myself on the Chinese Web for Two Weeks

Sunday, 23.10.2016

Von Viola Rothschild. Quelle: FP. Vgl. 美国人体验中国网络直播:使年轻人感受到安慰和人性 (

Insanely virtual

Saturday, 15.10.2016

China leads the world in the adoption of virtual reality. Quelle: Economist.

If you want to understand your own country, then you’ve already stepped on the path to criminality

Friday, 14.10.2016

A Chinese Millennial’s Crime and Punishment: The Story of Li TingyuA Chinese Millennial’s Crime and Punishment: The Story of Li Tingyu Von Huang Simin (China Change)

Baidu launches medical chatbot to help Chinese doctors diagnose patients

Wednesday, 12.10.2016

Von James Vincent. Quelle: The Verge.