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The skin I left in that hotel room

Sunday, 27.9.2020

Eyes wide open, a ‘cool girl’ looks for peace in Harvey Weinstein’s aftermath (SCMP)

Bizarre virtual kidnapping in Australia highlights risk to Chinese students

Sunday, 27.9.2020

Quelle: The Guardian

China’s #MeToo Moment

Monday, 5.2.2018

Von Jiayang Fan. Quelle: The New Yorker.

Was ein Reis-Hase mit Feminismus zu tun hat

Monday, 29.1.2018

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Chinese labs use mail to send opioid fentanyl into US, Senate report finds

Thursday, 25.1.2018

Quelle: Guardian/Reuters.

China Refuses to Admit It Has a Rape Problem. I Would Know.

Thursday, 26.10.2017

The Communist Party wants to blame Hollywood and “loose women,” instead of acknowledging its own epidemic levels of sexual assault. Von Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian. Quelle: FP.

Life and violent death in Chinatown: Hong Kong-born mob boss Tony Young’s story

Sunday, 24.9.2017

The gang leader turned pillar of the community was playing mahjong when he was stabbed to death in Los Angeles in January. Von Cindy Chang. Quelle: SCMP.

Corrupt officials holding back China’s drive to eliminate poverty

Wednesday, 30.8.2017

Von Jun Mai. Quelle: SCMP.

National campaign aims to topple pyramid schemes

Tuesday, 15.8.2017

Quelle: China Daily. Vgl. NYT-Artikel.


Sunday, 18.6.2017

Chinese Deal Maker Held in Corruption Probe Anbang Chairman Wu Xiaohui was detained by Chinese authorities investigating corruption and trying to curb risky financial behavior. Von James T. Areddy (WSJ).

Guos Geheimnisse: Wie eine erfolgreiche TV-Serie in China mit der Realität kollidiert

Monday, 24.4.2017

“… Chinas ‘House of Cards’ … Interpol-Chef ist seit einem halben Jahr übrigens ein Chinese …” Von Kai Strittmatter. Quelle: SZ.

Wiping out crime: face-scanners placed in public toilet to tackle loo roll theft

Monday, 20.3.2017

Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian. Ferner: Artikel in SCMP.

Wenn in Deutschland ein Sack Kondome umfällt, interessiert das in China möglicherweise schon jemanden

Saturday, 11.2.2017

China-Bordelle: Prozessbeteiligte zeigen Fairness “… über 20 Betriebsstätten …” Von Kristin Dowe (Westfalenpost).

Shaolin Abbot [Shi Yongxin] Cleared in Corruption Probe

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

Von Qing Yuan und Wu Gang. Quelle: Caixin.

Novi, 27, who was radicalised online while working in Taiwan

Saturday, 4.2.2017

Indonesian women being radicalised into would-be suicide bombers – report Von Kate Lamb (Guardian).

Clues suggest Istanbul nightclub gunman may be a Uighur

Saturday, 7.1.2017

Von Jason Burke. Quelle: Guardian.

China’s most-wanted economic fugitive Yang Xiuzhu surrenders

Thursday, 17.11.2016

Quelle: BBC.

Missbrauch für Jagd auf Dissidenten? China übernimmt Führung von Interpol

Friday, 11.11.2016


Die tödlichen Gifte aus Chinas Drogenlaboren

Monday, 17.10.2016

Quelle: Handelsblatt.

Vote-buying scandal and expulsion of Liaoning delegates from the NPC: legal aspects

Tuesday, 4.10.2016

Von Donald Clarke. Quelle: Law Professors.

80% of data in Chinese clinical trials have been fabricated

Monday, 3.10.2016

Von Fiona Macdonald. Quelle: Science Alert.

Chinese teen starves mother to death in fury at brutal Internet addiction boot camp

Saturday, 24.9.2016

Von Simon Denyer und Gu Jinglu. Quelle: WP.

Forged Document Used in Soccer Team [AC Milan] Purchase, Bank Says

Saturday, 24.9.2016

Paperwork promises Bank of Dongguan’s ‘necessary help’ with deal if necessary. By Li Huiling and Chen Na. Quelle: Caixin Online.

Revealed: the quiet, ‘dutiful’ son named one of China’s most notorious serial killers

Tuesday, 30.8.2016

Quelle: SCMP

China mounts massive crackdown on sprawling underground bank network

Thursday, 18.8.2016

Von Stephen Chen. Quelle: SCMP.