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Slaying of Beijing Judge Prompts Horror in China’s Embattled Legal Community

Monday, 29.2.2016

Quelle: WSJ Blog.

Hunderttausende Festnahmen in Chinas Anti-Drogen Kampf

Thursday, 25.2.2016

“… 14 Millionen Menschen in China drogenabhängig …” Und andere Themen. Quelle: Merics.

Folks in a pocket of run-down apartments ringed by skyscrapers have helped bring corrupt officials and property developers to justice

Thursday, 25.2.2016

To Curb Graft in Guangzhou, It Takes a Village Von Wang Jing (Caixin Online).

China jails hospital ’scalpers’ for scamming patients

Sunday, 21.2.2016

Von Adam Jourdan. Quelle: Reuters.

Sentenced to prison for assault, teenage ‘parachute kids’ deliver warning to adults in China

Friday, 19.2.2016

Von Cindy Chang. Quelle: LA Times. Vgl. 中国留学生在美获刑13年处罚过重吗? (Renmin Wang).

The parasite has weakened its host

Friday, 12.2.2016

Ten Reasons China Failed: From Basic Gangsterism to Parasitic Engagements What happens when liquidity is allocated by political muscle, massive bribery and kickbacks, rather than economics. Von Jonathan Russo (Observer).

China calls for crackdown on illegal fundraising platforms

Friday, 5.2.2016

Von Brenda Goh. Quelle: Reuters.

More than 95% of the projects on the online financing platform were fake

Monday, 1.2.2016

Nearly a million investors lose $7.6bn in Chinese online ‘Ponzi scheme’ (Guardian/Reuters)

China statistics chief [Wang Bao'an] sacked amid corruption probe

Monday, 1.2.2016

Quelle: Reuters

Convicted child trafficker executed in Henan Province

Monday, 1.2.2016


Abandoned newborn baby found dead atop roof in Sichuan, netizens angry and appalled

Wednesday, 27.1.2016

Quelle: Shanghaiist

Besser tot als verletzt: Systemproblem fordert unzählige Verkehrstote in China

Monday, 25.1.2016

Video. Quelle:

Anti-Terror-Institut in Nordwestchina errichtet

Monday, 25.1.2016

Quelle: Vgl. 西北政法大学本月将成立反恐学院 面向全国招生|西北政法 (Huashang Wang).

How Serial Killers Terrorize China’s Disorganized Elder Care Industry

Wednesday, 20.1.2016

Von Wang Jing. Quelle: Caixin.

China returns corruption suspect from Britain

Friday, 15.1.2016

Von Michael Martina. Quelle: Reuters.

China Sichuan governor [Wei Hong] suspected of corruption

Friday, 15.1.2016

Quelle: BBC

Indonesia turns to China as ethnic Uighurs join would-be jihadis

Thursday, 7.1.2016

Quelle: Reuters

Flüchtiger chinesischer Korruptionsverdächtiger aus Afrika nach China überführt

Sunday, 3.1.2016


Schlinge um Chef von China Telecom [Chang Xiaobing] zieht sich zu

Thursday, 31.12.2015

Quelle: Handelszeitung

The nation’s nascent war on drugs

Sunday, 27.12.2015

China pressures celebrities to serve in war on drugs Von Julie Makinen (Seattle Times/LAT).

Wo Kinder online verkauft werden

Friday, 25.12.2015

Von Marlies Kastenhofer. Quelle: Die Presse.

Pekings weltweite Jagd auf korrupte Funktionäre

Friday, 18.12.2015

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Verschwundener Milliardär: Warum Reiche in China gefährlich leben

Saturday, 12.12.2015

Von Benedikt Voigt. Quelle: Tagesspiegel. Update: Guo Guangchang: Chinese billionaire ‘helping authorities with investigation’ after going missing (ABC).

Chinas Überwachungsindustrie wächst schneller als die in anderen Ländern, es gibt mehr Bedarf

Wednesday, 9.12.2015

Smart-City-Konzept: Perfide Ãœberwachung ist in China Wirtschaftsfaktor Von Nina Trentmann (Welt).

College Admissions Questioned After Bribery Case

Saturday, 5.12.2015

Quelle: China Digital Times. Vgl. 人民大学蔡荣生认罪!“帮助”44学生受贿2330余万 (Zhongguo Qingnian Wang).