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Bao Bao, an American-Born Panda, Steps Out in China

Tuesday, 28.3.2017

“… Mr. Tang was selected to work with Bao Bao in part because he speaks English as well as Chinese, an important skill to help haigui, or overseas returned, pandas to adapt to their new homes …” Von Karoline Kan. Quelle: NYT. Vgl. Artikel bei

Welcome to Yiwu: China’s testing ground for a multicultural city

Saturday, 25.3.2017

Von Helen Roxburgh. Quelle: Guardian. Vgl. Artikel in Huanqiu Shibao.

Demolishing Dalian: China’s ‘Russian’ city is erasing its heritage – in pictures

Saturday, 25.3.2017

Von Francesca Perry. Quelle: Guardian.

Martin Walser zum 90. Der Wortkünstler und Weltverschönerer: Eine Gratulation aus Peking

Saturday, 25.3.2017

“Der chinesische Walser-Übersetzer Huang Liaoyu über den Dichterfürsten vom Bodensee …” Quelle: Tagesspiegel.

The Status of Women is Not an Issue for the Ru (Confucian) Tradition

Friday, 24.3.2017

Von Bin Song. Quelle: Huffington Post.

Als Transmann in China

Thursday, 23.3.2017

FOKUS: Körper Dazwischen Interview, übersetzt von Julia Buddeberg (GI).

To Improve Air Quality, Harbin Bans Burning Ghost Money

Monday, 20.3.2017

Quelle: Sixth Tone.

Prostitution to redemption: A Chinese farm girl’s journey

Monday, 20.3.2017

Life offering ‘extras’ as a masseuse gave single mother a way to support her child but also brought fear and shame. Following an AIDS scare she set up her own NGO and now works to help others in a similar position. Von Lijia Zhang. Quelle: SCMP.

The lucrative but extremely competitive global online gaming sector

Saturday, 18.3.2017

Alibaba Makes 1 Billion Yuan Game-Distribution Play Von Liao Yongqi und Yang Ge (Caixin).

From China with Love or What can you learn about China from Reality TV?

Wednesday, 15.3.2017

Von Omri Marcus. Quelle: Huffington Post. Vgl. Artikel in Huanqiu Shibao.

Statue in Trier: Der riesengroße Marx aus China

Wednesday, 15.3.2017

Quelle: Spiegel Online.

LGBTQ is nothing new to Chinese culture

Wednesday, 15.3.2017

Letter: There’s no need to apologize on behalf of Chinese people (Richmond News)

A Han Chinese woman’s conversion to Islam

Sunday, 12.3.2017

To shield her parents, Aysha Xiong refrains from wearing a headscarf and performing prayers when visiting her hometown in Yunnan province. Von Viola Zhou. Quelle: SCMP.

Busy Hating!

Wednesday, 8.3.2017

Quelle: China Change

Eine organisierte LGBT-Szene in der Volksrepublik? Ja, natürlich!

Monday, 6.3.2017

Der Regenbogen über China Von Siyuan He (

China Blocks Korean Entertainment on Streaming Platforms Over THAAD Row

Friday, 3.3.2017

Von Tamar Herman. Quelle:

Deutsch-Chinesisches Kulturprogramm 2017

Thursday, 16.2.2017

China entdeckt sein Gefühl (Tagesspiegel)

Not saying no, from a Chinese family, is the strongest sign of support

Friday, 10.2.2017

The Hong Kong banker who gave up his career to negotiate with Taliban kidnappers and help victims of Syrian civil war
“Frontline Red Cross worker Jason Yip …” Von Tessa Chan. Quelle: SCMP.

Taiwanese novelist who killed …

Friday, 10.2.2017

… herself in Paris at 26, Qiu Miaojin, remembered and reassessed in RTHK film “Lesbian writer whose death is credited with seeding LGBT movement in Taiwan …” Von Enid Tsui (SCMP).

‘Christianity theme park’ in Mao Zedong’s home province sparks outrage

Friday, 10.2.2017

Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guadian.

The growing pet population

Thursday, 9.2.2017

Across China: Pet care trending in Chinese cities (Xinhua)

To shrink China

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

Why China Is Ripe for the Couch Von Didi Kirsten Tatlow (NYT).

“Die Reise in den Westen” – Chinesischer Klassiker erstmals auf Deutsch

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

“… die Erstauflage ist schon vergriffen, momentan wird nachgedruckt …” Eva Lüdi Kong im Gespräch mit Joachim Scholl. Quelle: Deutschlandradio Kultur.

China issues guidelines to preserve traditional culture

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

“… protecting traditional Chinese villages, residences, historic architecture, agricultural and industrial heritage; preserving dialects; and supporting Chinese poetry, music, dance, calligraphy, painting, historical and cultural documentaries, animation and publications …” Quelle: Xinhua.

Shaolin Abbot [Shi Yongxin] Cleared in Corruption Probe

Tuesday, 7.2.2017

Von Qing Yuan und Wu Gang. Quelle: Caixin.