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The art school that gave early 20th-century Shanghai its ‘look’

Sunday, 2.5.2021

Quelle: SCMP Magazine

Artist turns forgotten Hong Kong novels into new digital online experiences

Sunday, 25.10.2020

Quelle: SCMP

Graphic novel on the Tiananmen Massacre shows medium’s power to capture history

Sunday, 21.6.2020

Quelle: CNN

Nie Chongrui Présentation

Tuesday, 5.11.2019

Par Brigitte Duzan. “Dessinateur de lianhuanhua et de manhua, et auteur de romans graphiques, Nie Chongrui.

Political cartoonist Rebel Pepper finds more artistic freedom in the US

Friday, 6.7.2018

Von Isaac Stone Fish. Quelle: PRI.

Tianzhuo Chen came to Berlin

Saturday, 30.6.2018

… to open up his hybrid universe, Zhuangzi’s dream of the butterfly. Quelle: Randian.

Feng Zikai, caricaturiste lyrique : un très bel ouvrage de Marie Laureillard

Thursday, 22.3.2018

Von Brigitte Duzan. Quelle: Chinese Shortstories.

Taiwan’s comic book heroes

Friday, 22.12.2017

Quelle: BBC.

Bolihua. Chinesische Hinterglasmalerei.

Saturday, 21.10.2017

Nachtrag. Buchbesprechung von Hans Gärtner. Quelle: Tabula Rasa.

China kopierte Barockpaläste

Monday, 9.10.2017

Kabinett der Spiegel Im 18. Jahrhundert begeisterte sich Europa mit Teehäusern und Porzellanfiguren für China. Und China kopierte Barockpaläste. Eine Ausstellung in der Berliner Kunstbibliothek. Von Linda Buchholz (Tagesspiegel).

Reptiles eating insects

Thursday, 28.9.2017

Guggenheim Museum pulls three artworks featuring animals after threats of violence Von Benjamin Haas (Guardian).

An Alternative History of Singapore, Through a Comic Book

Thursday, 7.9.2017

Nachtrag. Von Ian Johnson. Mit chin. Übersetzung. Quelle: NYT.

Riesenschau „Deutschland 8 – Deutsche Kunst in China“

Tuesday, 29.8.2017

Von Thomas Kliemann. “Die Bonner Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur organisiert …” Quelle: Generalanzeiger.

Kunsthalle Baden-Baden beherbergt Bergmassiv aus Holz von Liang Shuo

Thursday, 27.7.2017


Paris’s Pompidou Centre to open gallery in Shanghai

Friday, 21.7.2017

Quelle: AFP

Christie’s CEO [Guillaume Cerutti] says auctioneer will …

Monday, 19.6.2017

… maintain strong China presence despite global restructuring and job cuts Von Enid Tsui (SCMP).

Forbidden City? Not if head of China’s top museum [Shan Jixiang] has any say

Tuesday, 13.6.2017

President of Beijing’s Palace Museum is serious about making it a public treasure, opening new areas of the facility and pushing to make admission free. Von Zhuang Pinghui. Quelle: SCMP.

YANG JIECHANG Earth Roots. Paintings 1985-1999 INK Studio, Beijing

Tuesday, 13.6.2017


Age of Empires: What Qin and Han Dynasty Treasures Tell About Artistic Influences Along Silk Road

Saturday, 10.6.2017

Von Sheila Melvin. Quelle: Caixin.

PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai 2017

Monday, 3.4.2017

Quelle: Randian

The Chinese animators pushing back against the Hollywood tide

Friday, 10.2.2017

“… Chinese animated film [Have A Nice Day] competing for the top prize at the Berlin film festival …” Von Clarence Tsui. Quelle: SCMP.

Chinese scroll mounting at Chinese New Year

Saturday, 28.1.2017

Von Carol Weiss. Quelle: British Museum.

Dancing dissected frogs

Tuesday, 17.1.2017

Hong Kong Chinese art exhibition examines tension between ideology and the individual Von Enid Tsui (SCMP).

A Palace Museum in Hong Kong …

Tuesday, 17.1.2017

… opens door to a wealth of treasures Von Enid Tsui (SCMP).

Guangzhou: Ich habe die Zukunft besucht, sie liegt in China

Sunday, 15.1.2017

Von Holm Friebe. Quelle: Welt.