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A nation’s TV station is the face for the entire nation

Sunday, 15.2.2015

CCTV, China’s Propaganda Tool, Finds Itself at Center of Antigraft Drive Von Edward Wong (NYT).

Zustand der chinesischen Presse beklagenswert

Thursday, 29.1.2015

China: Journalistenvereinigung beklagt mangelnde Pressefreiheit (Spiegel Online)

Why media corruption is endemic and institutionalized

Sunday, 25.1.2015

China leads the world in media corruption, says expert [Zhan Jiang 展江] Von David Bandurski (China Media Project).

The worst that can happen to a foreign reporter is being expelled. But Chinese employees risk everything.

Monday, 19.1.2015

Interview: Chinese News Assistants React to Arrest of Colleague Zhang Miao Von Eric Fish (Asia Society). Vgl. Zhang Miao Receives “Treatment Reserved for Chinese Citizens” Von Chang Ping (China Change).

Chinese tabloid journalists took pictures of dead body of pop star Yao Beina

Monday, 19.1.2015

Von Robert Foyle Hunwick. Quelle: Telegraph. Vgl. 独家:偷拍姚贝娜遗体事件 道歉后还应该有真相 (

Charlie Hebdo Attack Shows Need for Press Limits, Xinhua Says

Monday, 12.1.2015

Quelle: WSJ Blog

Shen Hao 沈颢 simply made too many powerful enemies in his pursuit of the truth

Sunday, 11.1.2015

Arrest of inspirational editor Shen Hao marks end of an era for Chinese journalism Von Simon Denyer (WP). Vgl. 21世纪报系总裁沈颢等人被批捕 (

Die «New York Times» wurde nicht chinesisch. Was ist daraus geworden?

Saturday, 10.1.2015

Quelle: Der Bund/Tagesanzeiger

Pressefreiheit in China: Flucht aus Peking

Friday, 9.1.2015

Von Kai Strittmatter. Quelle: SZ.

New York Times editor on China visa problem: ‘We’re a little bit hostages’

Saturday, 15.11.2014

Von Erik Wemple. Quelle: WP.

China quietly gives global news awards

Wednesday, 29.10.2014

“… The WMS Global Awards for Excellence seem to be plagued by the same problem that has harried the WMS all along — nobody cares …” Von David Bandurski. Quelle: China Media Project. Vgl. 首届世界媒体峰会全球新闻奖评选揭晓 (Xinhua).

Everyone is leaving China. Why.

Wednesday, 29.10.2014

“… having to wait outside in the cold a few random mornings because a party secretary of some sort was visiting the building … I started to think, why the fuck am I here, loving this place? I love this city so much …” Quelle:

In eigener Sache: ZEIT-Mitarbeiterin [Zhang Miao] in China festgenommen

Friday, 10.10.2014

Von Angela Köckritz. Quelle: Zeit Online.

„Deutsche Welle“ in China

Saturday, 27.9.2014

Mit Propaganda spielt man nicht “… plant eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem chinesischen Staatsfernsehen …” (taz). Vgl. 德国之声:同中央电视台、北京电视台达成合作协议 (Tabooless Babbles).

Why Maoist Show Trials in China Aren’t Going Away Any Time Soon

Thursday, 18.9.2014

Von Stanley Lubman. Quelle: WSJ.

Mr Lai’s publications include Apple Daily

Friday, 29.8.2014

Anti-corruption investigators target prominent Communist Party foe Von Tom Phillips (Telegraph). Vgl. 香港廉政公署搜查黎智英、李卓人住所 (DW). Ferner: 香港壹传媒主席黎智英涉“黑金政治”遭廉署调查 ( Qingnian Wang).

Gray Areas: Book Banning and Censorship in China

Sunday, 17.8.2014

Von Xhingyu Chen. Quelle: Fair Observer.

News websites have been kindly asked to actively organize and direct commentary

Thursday, 7.8.2014

Vanity unfair for China’s wealthy show-offs “… [Guo Meimeis] TV confession has been widely criticized online as an attempt to divert public attention away from a string of bad news …” Von Fergus Ryan (China Spectator).

Pressezensur in China: Seid Auge, Ohr und Zunge der Partei!

Thursday, 31.7.2014

Von Mark Siemons. Quelle: FAZ.

China’s anti-graft drive is making state media bolder

Monday, 28.7.2014

Von Meghy Rajagopalan. Quelle: Reuters.

Internet in China: Sauber zensiert

Friday, 25.7.2014

Von Inna Hartwich. Quelle: FR.

A mercenary media system that has gone to the dogs

Wednesday, 23.7.2014

Cash for comment in China’s murky media world “… Alibaba revealed late last week that it was facing “an organised attempt at blackmail” …” Von Fergus Ryan (Business Spectator). Vgl. 揭秘内地影评人”潜规则” 开口费封口费明码标价 (Zhongguo Xinwen Wang, 13.8.2010) und 阿里巴巴上市在即自称遭舆论敲诈 (Dagong Bao).

The World Economic Forum is erasing online traces of China’s “Davos Man” Rui Chenggang after his arrest

Thursday, 17.7.2014

Von Adam Pasick. Quelle: Quartz. Vgl. Edelman confirms Rui Chenggang had Pegasus shares while at CCTV (Want China Times).

He promised he would keep paying me, but please could I just be silent?

Thursday, 17.7.2014

Advice for journalists in China: Hire a lawyer Von Malcolm Moore (Telegraph).

Untersuchung zu Korruption im Staatsfernsehen CCTV (aktualisiert)

Tuesday, 15.7.2014

Rui Chenggang: China nimmt TV-Moderator kurz vor Sendebeginn fest “Rui Chenggang war der Star unter Chinas Fernsehjournalisten …” Von Petra Kolonko (FAZ). Vgl. 社评:芮成钢案敲响社会权力腐败警钟 (Huanqiu Shibao). Update: Edelman Begins Internal Inquiry After Detention Of CCTV Anchor Von Arun Sudhaman (The Holmes Report).