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A mercenary media system that has gone to the dogs

Wednesday, 23.7.2014

Cash for comment in China’s murky media world “… Alibaba revealed late last week that it was facing “an organised attempt at blackmail” …” Von Fergus Ryan (Business Spectator). Vgl. 揭秘内地影评人”潜规则” 开口费封口费明码标价 (Zhongguo Xinwen Wang, 13.8.2010) und 阿里巴巴上市在即自称遭舆论敲诈 (Dagong Bao).

The World Economic Forum is erasing online traces of China’s “Davos Man” Rui Chenggang after his arrest

Thursday, 17.7.2014

Von Adam Pasick. Quelle: Quartz. Vgl. Edelman confirms Rui Chenggang had Pegasus shares while at CCTV (Want China Times).

He promised he would keep paying me, but please could I just be silent?

Thursday, 17.7.2014

Advice for journalists in China: Hire a lawyer Von Malcolm Moore (Telegraph).

Untersuchung zu Korruption im Staatsfernsehen CCTV (aktualisiert)

Tuesday, 15.7.2014

Rui Chenggang: China nimmt TV-Moderator kurz vor Sendebeginn fest “Rui Chenggang war der Star unter Chinas Fernsehjournalisten …” Von Petra Kolonko (FAZ). Vgl. 社评:芮成钢案敲响社会权力腐败警钟 (Huanqiu Shibao). Update: Edelman Begins Internal Inquiry After Detention Of CCTV Anchor Von Arun Sudhaman (The Holmes Report).

The Global Times is hard to insult because it knows no shame

Monday, 14.7.2014

The Phenomenon of the Global Times Von Song Zhibiao 宋志标 (China Change). Vgl. 《环球时报》现象.

The worldview dictated by censors and editors in a foreign country

Sunday, 13.7.2014

Nachtrag. China’s propaganda infiltrating our shore “… the wider Australian public being entirely oblivious to it …” Von Paul Monk (The Age).

China erlegt Journalisten noch strengere Regeln auf

Saturday, 12.7.2014

Quelle: Abendzeitung/dpa

Weirdly, Chinese Journalists Can No Longer Publish ‘Unpublicized Information’

Wednesday, 9.7.2014

Von Hannah Beech. Quelle: Time.

Verschärfung der Regeln für Journalisten

Wednesday, 9.7.2014

China verbietet Journalisten den Mund (Zeit Online)

SCMP Staff Clash with Editors Over Tiananmen Censorship

Monday, 7.7.2014


“Gute” Berichterstattung wird in China zur Pflicht

Sunday, 29.6.2014

Quelle: Welt

Entering the mind: runao 入脑

Thursday, 26.6.2014

China’s Influence on Taiwan’s Media (Chinet). Vgl. 苏贞昌谈《我是歌手》:要警惕大陆“入岛入户入脑” (Fenghuang Wang).

Gordon Chang muddies the water again

Friday, 20.6.2014

Quelle: Global Times

China detains Hong Kong journalists over ‘illegal publication’

Tuesday, 3.6.2014

Quelle: Straits Times

Zhang Jialong: Circumstances of My Dismissal from Tencent

Sunday, 25.5.2014

Quelle: China Change. Vgl. 腾讯记者张贾龙因会晤美国务卿时敢言被解职 (

Buchmarkt China 2014

Friday, 23.5.2014

Studie des Buchinformationszentrums (BIZ). “… PDF ist auf der Website der Frankfurter Buchmesse abrufbar …” Quelle:

Verleger Yao Wentian 姚文田 (Yiu Mantin) zu zehn Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt

Wednesday, 21.5.2014

“… in Shenzhen festgehalten …” Quelle: Vgl. 民运人士紧急呼吁释放姚文田 (VOA).

China’s Censored World

Saturday, 3.5.2014

“… ‘China has never been more pluralistic, urban, and prosperous, yet it is the only country in the world with a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in prison.’ …” (The first half of the sentence could stay). Von Evan Osnos. Quelle: NYT.

Like a car wreck in slow motion

Thursday, 1.5.2014

Bloomberg’s folly The backstory is about to be told. “… Bloomberg abruptly suspended Michael Forsythe, a lead writer on the China investigative work …” Von Howard W. French (Columbia Journalism Review).

No investigations of the families of Mr. Wen or Mr. Xi

Monday, 28.4.2014

New York Times strikes a blow to China’s efforts at censorship “… the worrisome question of whether China could succeed in intimidating not just its own media but also those of the United States …” Editorial der Washington Post.

When journalists happily police themselves

Saturday, 26.4.2014

I sold out to China You know that censorship has won its war on truth-telling when journalists happily police themselves. Von Leslie Anne Jones (Aeon Magazine).

China Strips Sina of Publication, Distribution Licenses Over Lewd Content

Friday, 25.4.2014

Von Paul Mozur. Quelle: WSJ.

Der politische Zusammenbruch nimmt oft bei der Ideologie seinen Anfang (aktualisiert)

Thursday, 10.4.2014

Update: Ideology Work Must Be Grasped Tightly (mit chin. Text) (China Copyright and Media/Qiushi).

Eine im Netz kursierende scharfe Rede von Xi Jinping Rohübersetzung von Jessica Mayer. Vgl. 网传习近平讲话全文 杀气腾腾 (

Am 19. August wurde die nationale Konferenz zur Propaganda- und Ideologie-Arbeit in Peking abgehalten. Der Generalsekretär des ZK der KP Chinas Xi Jinping wohnte der Konferenz bei und hielt eine wichtige Rede. Read the rest of this entry »

How China Fooled the World

Tuesday, 1.4.2014

“… the BBC’s award-winning This World unit goes to China to take a long hard look at the boom …” Von Robert Peston. Quelle: ABC.

China Real Time spoke to Ms. Kenney to hear her side of the story

Saturday, 29.3.2014

‘Fake Foreign Reporters’ in China – Another View “… I wore orange or pink while everybody was wearing black or blue. Bright colors attract attention. And whenever the moderator looked in my direction I gave him a big smile to make him aware of me …” (WSJ Blog).