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Xi Jinping’s Message to America

Friday, 25.9.2015

A ChinaFile Conversation. Taisu Zhang, Graham Webster, Orville Schell, David Shambaugh, Andrew J. Nathan, Kevin Rudd. Ferner: China Daily in historic link-up with US papers (China Daily), For Xi Jinping’s U.S. Visit, it’s money before politics Von Rob Schmitz ().

BBC: A daily news programme for North Korea, broadcast on short wave radio

Monday, 7.9.2015

BBC pledges to become ‘open platform’ for creativity (BBC)

China findet Schuldigen für die Börsenpanik – Finanzjournalist [Wang Xiaolu] gesteht

Monday, 31.8.2015

Quelle: Focus. Vgl. AFP-Meldung.

The Politics of Senseless Tragedy

Wednesday, 19.8.2015

“… Mourn this tragedy, the Chinese people will be told by their solemn leaders. But do not try to make sense of it.” Von David Bandurski. Quelle: China Media Project at the University of Hong Kong.

Medien werden zum Diktat gerufen

Monday, 17.8.2015

Wie China seine Krisen löst Von Marcel Grzanna (Tages Anzeiger). Vgl. Reportage des Weixin-Blogs Niubo Shanzhai 牛博山寨 über die Tianjin-Katastrophe. Ferner: You’ve Got Candles, I’ve Got a Whip By Jia Jia (China Change).

The most violent example of how press freedom in Hong Kong has deteriorated

Saturday, 15.8.2015

Two convicted of meat cleaver attack on Hong Kong newspaper editor [Kevin Lau] Von Adelaide Hui und Clare Baldwin (Reuters).

Ai Weiweis Nerven zum Zerreißen gespannt

Monday, 27.7.2015

Ai Weiwei darf wieder reisen – Ich bin Chinese und will hierbleiben Von Thomas Eller (FAZ).

Rule of Xi

Wednesday, 15.7.2015

Rule of Xi – China is using televised confessions to shame detained lawyers, journalists, and activists (Quartz). Vgl. 被扣律师、公民增至159人 (RFA) und China’s Crackdown on Rights Lawyers Shows No Sign of Abating.

Mesut Özil. Merkel. Made in Germany – Deutschlandbilder in Chinas Sozialen Medien

Sunday, 12.7.2015

Von Karsten Luc. Quelle: Merics.

China releases German journalist’s assistant [Zhang Miao]

Friday, 10.7.2015

Von Lucy Hornby. Quelle: FT.

The story’s been shelved, and we’ll discuss it in the morning

Monday, 22.6.2015

The Mayor vs. the Mogul Michael Bloomberg’s $9 billion identity crisis. Von Luke O’Brien (Politico).

Why I Publish in China

Sunday, 14.6.2015

Von Peter Hessler. Quelle: China File.

Goodbye to smog, cold noodles and breakneck change: my seven years covering China

Thursday, 4.6.2015

Von Tania Branigan. Quelle: Guardian.

Keeping a pet and giving it a couple of strokes every now and then

Wednesday, 27.5.2015

China reaches out to improve ties with influential social-media elites Communist Party organises course to engage internet intellectuals in bid to bridge communication gap between government and the public. Von Keira Lu Huang (SCMP). Vgl. 网络大V上统战部“培训班” 10天授课法制建设等内容 (Beijing Qingnian Bao).

The world’s largest Disney store opens in Shanghai

Friday, 22.5.2015

“… Shoppers were stopped from joining queue because of overcrowding fears …” Quelle: Daily Mail.

Rangliste der Pressefreiheit

Sunday, 3.5.2015

Quelle: Reporter ohne Grenzen

An untapped audience of hundreds of thousands, even millions

Friday, 1.5.2015

Seven may launch new foreign-language TV channels including Chinese Von Colin Vickery (CS/Herald Sun).

China closes 21st Century Business Herald’s website

Friday, 1.5.2015

Quelle: CS/Dow Jones. Vgl. 股改10周年两论证专家“点赞” 建言“二次股改”、修订《公司法》 (21 Shiji Jingji Daobao, 1.5.2015). Dazu: 21世纪网被责令停办 《21世纪经济报道》被责令整顿 (Xinhua).

China: Freedom of the Press 2015

Friday, 1.5.2015

Quelle: Freedom House

Do not talk about history, legitimacy or put into question anything

Friday, 24.4.2015

Orders of censorship and propaganda (Reporter ohne Grenzen)

China sperrt kritische Journalistin [Gao Yu] für sieben Jahre weg (aktualisiert)

Thursday, 23.4.2015

Quelle: Welt. Update: 社评:泄国家机密判7年与“言论自由”无关 (Huanqiu Shibao).

Chinesische Regierung droht prominenten IT-Portalen mit Schließung

Thursday, 16.4.2015

Merics China Update Nr.69.

ABC launches new China web service

Saturday, 11.4.2015

Quelle: China Spectator/AAP.

A new, aggressive strategy to reach readers in China

Tuesday, 7.4.2015

How the New York Times is eluding censors in China (Quartz)

China rollt den Medienmarkt in Afrika auf

Sunday, 5.4.2015

Diesseits von Afrika Von Dagmar Dehmer (Tagesspiegel). Vgl. 央视非洲分台简论 (Renmin Wang).