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Ranting and Rapping Online in China, and Raking In Millions

Monday, 18.9.2017

“Not long ago, Li Tianyou was a scrawny junior high school dropout struggling to make a living in China’s dreary industrial northeast …” Von Javier C. Hernández. Quelle: NYT. Chin. Version hier.

All we need is a marriage registration, and we can get you a license plate

Monday, 18.9.2017

Big in China: License-Plate Marriages Von Benjamin Carlson (The Atlantic). Chin. Version hier.

Fleeing From The War-Torn Hometown, They Are Rebuilding Their Lives in Yiwu

Monday, 11.9.2017

Nachtrag. Quelle: Elephant Room. Chin. Quelle hier.

China’s Electric Car Push Lures Global Auto Giants, Despite Risks

Monday, 11.9.2017

Von Keith Bradsher. Quelle: NYT. Mit chin. Übersetzung.

A Chinese Poet’s [Yu Xiuhua] Unusual Path From Isolated Farm Life to Celebrity

Tuesday, 22.8.2017

Von Kiki Zhao. Mit chin. Übersetzung. Quelle: NYT.

Nühanzi und stolz darauf

Saturday, 15.7.2017

“Zhuo Danting ist nicht nur Tätowiererin, sondern auch „Nühanzi“ mit Leib und Seele …” Von Wang Jiewen. Übersetzung: Julia Buddeberg. Quelle: GI. Chinesischsprachige Version hier.

Chinese firms fight to lure top artificial intelligence talent from Silicon Valley

Thursday, 6.4.2017

Von Meng Jing. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. chinesischsprachiger Artikel in Cankao Xiaoxi.

The rise in China’s foreign exchange reserves is bad news for global real estate

Tuesday, 14.3.2017

Quelle: Business Insider. Vgl. Artikel in Cankao Xiaoxi.

4 Lessons China Can Teach Us about Fitness

Sunday, 26.2.2017

Von Ashley M. Biggers. Quelle: Vgl. ???????????? ??????????? (Huanqiu Shibao).

Meet the Ma family: How millennials are changing the way China thinks about money

Tuesday, 13.12.2016

Von Engen Tham und Adam Jourdan. Quelle: Reuters. Vgl. 英媒:千禧一代如何改变花父母的钱,没想着还的金钱观 (Huanqiu Shibao).

3 black Americans see China as their land of opportunity

Tuesday, 22.11.2016

Von Louise Watt. Quelle: Yahoo/AP. Vgl. 美国黑人:乒乓把我带到中国 想在激烈环境下打球 (Huanqiu Wang).

Pizza, a polar bear notorious in China as being the world’s saddest

Wednesday, 16.11.2016


China’s Millennials Are Risk Takers – and They’re Dreaming Big

Friday, 28.10.2016

Quelle: Bloomberg. Vgl. 美媒:中国千禧一代爱冒险敢追梦 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

Some are not very professional

Monday, 24.10.2016

Can China’s Internet celebrities run successful businesses? Von Mandy Zuo (SCMP). Vgl. 港媒:网络名人做生意成功的根本还是得要看产品 (Huanqiu Shibao).

I Broadcast Myself on the Chinese Web for Two Weeks

Sunday, 23.10.2016

Von Viola Rothschild. Quelle: FP. Vgl. 美国人体验中国网络直播:使年轻人感受到安慰和人性 (

CEO’s Death Stirs Debate About Chinese Techies’ 70-Hour Work Weeks

Wednesday, 19.10.2016

Quelle: Bloomberg. Vgl. 美媒称中国创业者健康堪忧:竞争激烈 加班太多 (Xinhua/Cankao Xoaoxi).

Exhausted tiger moms

Tuesday, 18.10.2016

China drops one-child policy, but ‘exhausted’ tiger moms say one is plenty Von Simon Denyer und Congcong Zhang (WP). Vgl. 华邮:中国取消一胎政策,但精疲力竭的虎妈们说一个够了 (Botanwang).

Wuzhen 乌镇

Monday, 10.10.2016

Heritage of Wisdom and Cultural Renaissance in Wuzhen 千年乌镇的智慧传承和文艺复兴 (Randian/Wuzhen).

Despite travel frenzy, a newcomer finds luster in China’s Golden Week

Monday, 10.10.2016

Von Michael Holtz. Quelle: CS Monitor. Vgl. 美国记者体验中国黄金周旅游潮:”全国人民在路上” (Cankao Xiaoxi).

Is China’s Movie Boom Doomed?

Friday, 2.9.2016

Von Adam Minter. Quelle: Bloomberg. Vgl. 美媒:中国电影繁荣不再?或因缺少专业级别编剧 (Huanqiu Shibao).

A thriving ¥1 trillion Chinese market? Private health insurance tipped to flourish as middle class grows

Monday, 29.8.2016

Von Zhuang Pinghui. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. 港媒:内地中产阶级增加 催生商业医疗保险快速发展(全文) (

Inside Shanghai Tower: China’s tallest skyscraper claims to be world’s greenest

Thursday, 25.8.2016

Von Helen Roxburgh. Quelle: Guardian. Vgl. 英媒:上海中心大厦——中国最高摩天大楼号称最环保 (Fenghuang/Huanqiu Shibao).

China’s richest worry less about making more, and more about meeting maker

Wednesday, 17.8.2016

Von Jane Cai. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. 港媒:中国富人越来越重视健康养生 跑步最受青睐 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

China’s People’s Liberation Army gets smarter

Friday, 12.8.2016

By Brian R. Moore and Renato R. Barreda. Quelle: Vgl. 外媒称解放军千方百计吸引人才:大学生参军越来越多 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

Bottoms up: The complete guide to business drinking in China

Wednesday, 3.8.2016

Von Siyi Chen. Quelle: Quartz. Vgl. 英媒:还在按照老套路喝酒?请看中国商业酒局全攻略 (Huanqiu Shibao).