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A thriving ¥1 trillion Chinese market? Private health insurance tipped to flourish as middle class grows

Monday, 29.8.2016

Von Zhuang Pinghui. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. 港媒:内地中产阶级增加 催生商业医疗保险快速发展(全文) (

Inside Shanghai Tower: China’s tallest skyscraper claims to be world’s greenest

Thursday, 25.8.2016

Von Helen Roxburgh. Quelle: Guardian. Vgl. 英媒:上海中心大厦——中国最高摩天大楼号称最环保 (Fenghuang/Huanqiu Shibao).

China’s richest worry less about making more, and more about meeting maker

Wednesday, 17.8.2016

Von Jane Cai. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. 港媒:中国富人越来越重视健康养生 跑步最受青睐 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

China’s People’s Liberation Army gets smarter

Friday, 12.8.2016

By Brian R. Moore and Renato R. Barreda. Quelle: Vgl. 外媒称解放军千方百计吸引人才:大学生参军越来越多 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

Bottoms up: The complete guide to business drinking in China

Wednesday, 3.8.2016

Von Siyi Chen. Quelle: Quartz. Vgl. 英媒:还在按照老套路喝酒?请看中国商业酒局全攻略 (Huanqiu Shibao).

Wang Hong: China’s online stars making real cash

Wednesday, 3.8.2016

Von Grace Tsoi. Quelle: BBC. Vgl. BBC称中国网红培养失败率达95%:为女性制定僵硬审美 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

The most complex, confusing, and contradictory nation

Monday, 6.6.2016

Inside China’s hard drive Von Peter Ford (CS Monitor). Vgl. 美记者讲述驻华感受:中国是我见过最复杂的国家 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

The Challenges of Conflict Resolution: Admiral Sun Jianguo

Monday, 6.6.2016

IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2016 Fourth Plenary Session. Admiral Sun Jianguo, Deputy Chief, Joint Staff Department, Central Military Commission. Video mit englischer Übersetzung. Quelle: Vgl. 孙建国在第十五届香格里拉对话会大会演讲全文 (Zhongguo Junwang).

China Finds Its Global Ambitions Humbled in Its Own Backyard

Monday, 23.5.2016

Von Michael Forsythe und Austin Ranzmay. Quelle: NYT. Mit chin. Ãœbersetzung.

Domestic abuse is thriving in China’s culture of silence

Wednesday, 4.5.2016

Von Emily Rauhala. Quelle: WP. Vgl. 美媒:离婚“有损名声” 家暴在中国的沉默文化中泛滥 (Huanqiu Wang).

How much longer can the Chinese Grand Prix go on?

Monday, 18.4.2016

Declining audiences and a complete lack of interest “… no deal in place for beyond next year …” Von Daniel Johnson (Telegraph). Vgl. 英媒:观众渐少和兴趣索然 F1中国大奖赛还能持续多久? ( Shibao).

Chinese patents – a waste of money?

Saturday, 16.4.2016

Von Heidi Brun. Quelle: Jerusalem Post. Vgl. 中国越来越乐于保护知识产权 (Cankao Wang).

Needy clauses: Would China’s proposed charity law be a gift to the disadvantaged?

Thursday, 10.3.2016

Von Mandy Zuo. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. 港媒:中国推慈善法规范扶危济困 扭转不愿捐助心理 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

“Taiwanesisches Herz” in Chinas Hauptstadt: zurück zum ursprünglichen Geschmack der Erdbeere (Bilingual)

Tuesday, 8.3.2016

Zweisprachiger Lerntext. Quelle:

How China Won the War Against Western Media

Monday, 7.3.2016

Von Betany Allen-Ebrahimian. Quelle: Foreign Policy. Vgl. 西方媒体“习惯性”抹黑中国 (Jiefang Daily).

Five Things to Know About China’s ‘Two Sessions’

Saturday, 5.3.2016

Von Charlie Campbell. Quelle: Time. Vgl. 时代周刊:从五点了解中国“两会” (Zhongguo Wang).

Ushering in the Year of the Monkey at 180 mph on China’s bullet train

Saturday, 27.2.2016

Von Julie Makinen. Quelle: LA Times. Vgl. 美报记者体验中国春节坐高铁感受“中国速度” (Cankao Xiaoxi).

New Chinese Rules on Foreign Firms’ Online Content

Monday, 22.2.2016

Von David Barboza und Paul Mozur. Mit chin. Ãœbersetzung. Quelle: NYT.

China to migrant workers: Take your kids with you

Wednesday, 17.2.2016

Von David McKenzie und Serena Dong. Quelle: CNN. Vgl. 美媒:中国对农民工说:进城打工时带上你的孩子吧! (Huanqiu Shibao).

This is how to fire someone the Chinese way

Friday, 29.1.2016

Quelle: BBC. Vgl. 外媒:“和谐”成外国高管在华成功法宝 (Jinri Toutiao/Xinhua).

Divorce: a love story

Friday, 29.1.2016

While the government talks up family values, marriage break-ups are soaring. Quelle: The Economist. Vgl. 英媒:离婚率上升折射中国社会变化 (

Full text of China’s Arab Policy Paper

Tuesday, 26.1.2016

Quelle: Xinhua. Chin. Text: 中国对阿拉伯国家政策文件(全文).

Peking führt schwedischen Gefangenen im Staats-TV vor

Friday, 22.1.2016

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt. Vgl. Treatment of Foreigners in China a ‘Worrying Trend,’ E.U. Envoy Says
Von Didi Kirsten Tatlow (NYT). Chin. Version: 外国人在华遭遇引发欧盟关切.

How to Adapt HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ to Depict China

Friday, 22.1.2016

Von Li Yuan. Quelle: WSJ. Vgl. 美媒设想美剧《硅谷》中国版:角色需更强悍 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

A Disneyfication of historic fabric to produce cashflow?

Wednesday, 20.1.2016

Wuzhen, China’s extraordinary conservation project: A tale of two cities divided by past and present “After its £400m facelift …” Jay Merrick looks at a very modern experiment (Independent). Vgl. 英媒:历史与现在融为一体 水乡乌镇的“双城记” (Huanqiu Shibao).