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The death of a well-educated environmentalist

Friday, 13.5.2016

Chinese Man’s Death in Custody Prompts Suspicion of Police Brutality Von Didi Kirsten Tatlow (NYT).

Chinese state entities argue they have ’sovereign immunity’ in U.S. courts

Thursday, 12.5.2016

“… in a case involving allegations that Chinese-made drywall led to health problems …” Von Matthew Miller und Michael Martina. Quelle: Reuters.

China increasing protection of Internet literature copyrights

Thursday, 5.5.2016

Quelle: Global Times

Malaysia Sends 32 Taiwanese Suspects to China, Draws Protest

Sunday, 1.5.2016

Quelle: NYT/AP

China Sentences Man to Death for Espionage, Saying He Sold Secrets

Wednesday, 20.4.2016

Von Javier C. Hernández. Quelle: NYT.

Dangerous Love 危险的爱情

Monday, 18.4.2016

Dangerous Love On National Security Education Day “April 15 was China’s first annual National Security Education Day …” (China Law Translate).

BANNED! 4 foods you want, but just can’t have in China

Sunday, 17.4.2016


Neue Regel in China: Wer Mutti vergisst, wird verklagt

Friday, 15.4.2016

Quelle: Spiegel Online.

China rights: Gay people pledge not to enter into sham marriages

Friday, 15.4.2016

Von Tessa Wong. Quelle: BBC.

Judge Rules Against Couple in China’s 1st Same-Sex Case

Wednesday, 13.4.2016

Quelle: NYT.

Sie kamen von China, also brachten wir sie nach China

Wednesday, 13.4.2016

Acht Taiwaner von Kenia nach China abgeschoben (Standard)

China Panel Hears First Transgender Discrimination Case

Monday, 11.4.2016

Quelle: NYT.

China releases key mega-church pastor

Saturday, 9.4.2016

Von Christopher Bodeen. Quelle: Portland Press Herald.

China Plugs Cross Border e-Commerce Import Tax Loophole

Wednesday, 6.4.2016

Quelle: China Briefing.

Amnesty death penalty report: The secret China won’t share with the world

Wednesday, 6.4.2016

Von Debra Killalea. Quelle:

Chang Ping: My Statement About the Open Letter to Xi Jinping Demanding His Resignation

Saturday, 2.4.2016

Von Chang Ping. Quelle: China Change.

China holds migrant workers’ trial outdoors ‘to educate public’

Saturday, 19.3.2016

Quelle: Reuters.

Legal Opinion on Dropping the Investigation Against the “Feminist Five”

Saturday, 5.3.2016

Quelle: China Change

Chinas überfälliges Gesetz gegen häusliche Gewalt

Friday, 4.3.2016

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Former Energy Official Says Police Tortured Him into Confessing

Monday, 29.2.2016

Quelle: Caixin.

Jail for Chinese pastor and wife who opposed Beijing’s order to remove crosses from churches

Monday, 29.2.2016

Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. China state TV airs confession by lawyer who helped Christian groups (Reuters).

Slaying of Beijing Judge Prompts Horror in China’s Embattled Legal Community

Monday, 29.2.2016

Quelle: WSJ Blog.

A guide to China’s stamp Duty

Friday, 12.2.2016


China’s Rights Struggle Is No Longer an ‘Internal Affair’

Wednesday, 3.2.2016

“Suddenly the country’s domestic repression has a strong international dimension.”. Von Kerry Brown. Quelle: The Diplomat.

China hört Klage auf Eheöffnung

Monday, 25.1.2016

Am 28. Januar ist der erste Gerichtstermin. Von Paul Schulz. Quelle: Männer.