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Two Chinese writers finally apologise for plagiarism

Monday, 4.1.2021

Quelle: SCMP

Zhang Zhan: A Six-Minute Documentary

Tuesday, 29.12.2020


Eight charged in alleged Chinese plot to coerce family to return from US

Saturday, 31.10.2020

China has built 380 internment camps in Xinjiang, study finds

Friday, 25.9.2020

Quelle: Guardian

‘Travesty’ trial ends in China with lawyer Jiang Tianyong jailed

Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian.

Legal Documents Related to the Social Credit System

Saturday, 28.10.2017

Quelle: China Law Translate

China does not have Harvey Weinstein-type predators

Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Anger as Chinese media claim harassment is just a western problem State newspaper says China does not have Harvey Weinstein-type predators because ‘men are taught to be protective of women’. Von Benjamin Haas (Guardian).

China to create national name-and-shame system for ‘deadbeat borrowers’

Thursday, 12.10.2017

Von He Huifeng. Quelle: SCMP. Chin. Übersetzung hier.

China’s Good Samaritan law goes into effect

Tuesday, 10.10.2017

Quelle: Xinhua

China in der internationalen Polizei- und Justizzusammenarbeit

Saturday, 16.9.2017

Europa braucht eine differenzierte Strategie um chinesischen Initiativen zu begegnen. Von Thomas Eder, Bertram Lang und Moritz Rudolf. Quelle: Merics.

China Closes Prominent International Hospital: YOUR Most Important Lesson for the Year

Monday, 11.9.2017

Von Dan Harris. Quelle: China Law Blog.

Insistence on non-violent resistance and political opposition

Saturday, 1.7.2017

Liu Xiaobo: The Founder of China’s Political Opposition Movements Von Wu Qiang (China Change).

China’s ‘war on law’: victims’ wives tell US Congress of torture and trauma

Sunday, 4.6.2017

Women whose husbands were targets of Communist party crackdown on human rights lawyers call for US sanctions. Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guardian.

Encryption Law of the People’s Republic of China (Opinion-seeking Draft)

Wednesday, 10.5.2017

This translation was created jointly with Paul Triolo and John Costello. Quelle: China Copyright and Media.

Amnesty-International: China – der Todesstrafen-Rekordhalter

Saturday, 15.4.2017

Von Steffen Wurzel. Quelle:

China hides ‘grotesque’ level of capital punishment

Tuesday, 11.4.2017

Von Simon Denyer. Quelle: SMH.

Volkskongress bringt Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch auf den Weg: Mehr Rechtssicherheit, weniger individuelle Rechte

Thursday, 16.3.2017

Quelle: Merics

Das rechtliche Umfeld in China bleibt eine Herausforderung – Ausländische Investitionen 2017

Wednesday, 8.3.2017

Quelle: Merics

Announcement of the Establishment of the China Anti-Torture Alliance

Friday, 17.2.2017

Quelle: China Change

Warum die Angriffe von US-Präsident Donald Trump auf die Justiz einen chinesischen Richter empören

Saturday, 11.2.2017

Belehrungen aus Fernost Von Kai Strittmatter (SZ).

How Zhejiang courts support its economy

Thursday, 2.2.2017


Wie ein Gesetz zur Gefahr für deutsche Stiftungen wird

Saturday, 28.1.2017

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Chinese Divorcée Fights to Be Free of Ex-Husband’s Debt

Thursday, 26.1.2017

Von Yan Jie. Quelle: Sixth Tone.

The Limits of Law in China

Monday, 23.1.2017

Leitartikel der NYT.

Peking University Loses Plagiarism Lawsuit

Friday, 20.1.2017

“… suspicions that her dissertation — which dealt with French journalism in 1775 — showed signs of plagiarism …” Von Matthew Walsh. Quelle: Sixth Tone.