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Watching ex-officials showing their deep repentance

Tuesday, 26.5.2015

China organizes prison tours to warn officials against graft (Times of India/Reuters). Vgl. 湖北70多名一把手携妻体验“牢狱生活” ( Chu Wang).

Invasion of the body snatchers

Friday, 15.5.2015

Why Aggrieved Chinese Citizens and Chinese Police Are Fighting Over Corpses Von Yaqiu Wang (MCLC).

Auffallend ist das breite Spektrum an Bereichen, die der Entwurf als relevant für die nationale Sicherheit definiert

Thursday, 14.5.2015

Zweiter Entwurf für nationales Sicherheitsgesetz veröffentlicht (Merics)

Shanghai will Patente stärker schützen

Thursday, 7.5.2015

Beschleunigte Registrierung und besserer Schutz anvisiert / Patentanmeldungen rückläufig. Von Corinne Abele. Quelle: gtai.

Chinese firms in US shielded against suits

Thursday, 7.5.2015

Quelle: Business Spectator.

China’s Exodus of Judges

Tuesday, 5.5.2015

Von Stanley Lubman. Quelle: WSJ.

The actual hierarchy of norms is virtually the opposite of the formal hierarchy of norms

Friday, 1.5.2015

Life as an official, from the inside By Donald Clarke (Chinese Law Prof Blog).

China sperrt kritische Journalistin [Gao Yu] für sieben Jahre weg (aktualisiert)

Thursday, 23.4.2015

Quelle: Welt. Update: 社评:泄国家机密判7年与“言论自由”无关 (Huanqiu Shibao).

The mother went ballistic

Monday, 20.4.2015

Change in Attitude Required to End Child Abuse in China (Yibada)

On the Release of Five Feminist Activists in China – Statement by Gender Scholar Wang Zheng

Tuesday, 14.4.2015

Quelle: China Change

A Chinese prisoner’s dilemma …

Tuesday, 7.4.2015

… as man begging for release from Australian prison risks upsetting the delicate relationship with China Von John Garnaut (The Age).

China Bank Technology Rules: Not the Same Old Thing

Friday, 20.3.2015

Von Steve Dickinson. Quelle: China Law Blog.

China must pardon corrupt officials, says author dubbed China’s John Grisham [He Jiahong]

Tuesday, 17.3.2015

Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Telegraph.

Supreme People’s Court +3 attack domestic violence

Monday, 16.3.2015


Hong Kong employer found guilty in “torture” case involving Indonesian maid

Tuesday, 10.2.2015

Quelle: Straits Times

Hangzhou Police Are Alibaba’s Thugs, Webmaster Says after Detention

Tuesday, 10.2.2015

Quelle: Caixin Online

Interview on “Ningyuan Shuanggui”

Saturday, 7.2.2015

“…a 36-minutes video exposing the plight of Xiao Yifei, a local Chinese Communist Party member who was held in detention for alleged corruption …” Quelle:

The worst that can happen to a foreign reporter is being expelled. But Chinese employees risk everything.

Monday, 19.1.2015

Interview: Chinese News Assistants React to Arrest of Colleague Zhang Miao Von Eric Fish (Asia Society). Vgl. Zhang Miao Receives “Treatment Reserved for Chinese Citizens” Von Chang Ping (China Change).

Teisendorf – Xiamen (aktualisiert)

Sunday, 18.1.2015

Todesstrafe: Diplomatie für einen Mörder “In China bringt ein Deutscher zwei Menschen um. Ihm droht die Hinrichtung … Die Diplomaten versuchen auch, eine Bibel ins Gefängnis von Xiamen zu schaffen. Die Direktion des Gefängnisses ist gegen die Bibel, in der Bibliothek gebe es religiöse Bücher, über den Buddhismus, den Islam. Das müsse reichen …” Von Stefan Willeke (Zeit Online). Vgl. 中国法院首次判处德国人死刑 德外交部要求阻止死刑执行 (Guancha). Update: Liebe und Tod in Xiamen (Stern).

China bans private drivers in taxi app clampdown

Friday, 9.1.2015

Quelle: Reuters. Vgl. 私家车叫车软件拉活属黑车 (Xin Jing Bao).

Car rampage at Beijing’s Workers’ Stadium injures ten

Saturday, 27.12.2014

A frustrated Chinese protester rams his car into pedestrians outside Beijing’s Workers Stadium after losing a court case. Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Telegraph.

Hugjiltu is found not guilty

Monday, 15.12.2014

Executed Chinese teen found innocent (Bangkog Post/AFP). Vgl. 内蒙古高院宣告原审被告人呼格吉勒图无罪 (

A wave of labor activism engendered by a slowing economy, shifting demographics and the rise of social media

Monday, 8.12.2014

Labor movement ‘concertmaster’ [Duan Yi 段毅] tests Beijing’s boundaries Von John Ruwitch (Reuters). Vgl. 广东劳维律师事务所所长、中国劳资集体谈判框架设计师段毅博士 (RFA).

China Harvests the Majority of its Organs From Executed Prisoners (aktualisiert)

Saturday, 6.12.2014

This practice, done without consent, highlights the problems with the country’s legitimate organ donation system. Von Yaqiu Wang. Quelle: The Atlantic. Update: China stoppt Organentnahme von Exekutierten Von Johnny Erling (Welt).

Lawyers Describe Trial of Guo Feixiong 郭飞雄 and Sun Desheng 孙德圣

Sunday, 30.11.2014

Quelle: China Change. Dazu: The Sovereignty of the People: My Conviction and My Dream The Court Statement by Guo Feixiong Translated by Louisa Chiang and Perry Link.