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Angst vor der erwachenden Zivilgesellschaft

Tuesday, 15.4.2014

Von Kai Strittmatter. Quelle: SZ.

China will gängige Praxis beenden: Keine Organe mehr von Hingerichteten?

Sunday, 13.4.2014

Nachtrag. Von Ruth Kirchner. Quelle: ARD.

A stronger judiciary, more responsive people’s congresses, a more independent press

Friday, 11.4.2014

China’s future – Enter the Chinese NGO The Communist Party is giving more freedom to a revolutionary idea (The Economist).

China corruption plan: Punish those who expose it

Wednesday, 9.4.2014

Von Calum MacLeod. Quelle: USA Today.

Chinese law news, Qing Ming Festival edition

Tuesday, 8.4.2014

Blogeintrag von Donald Clarke.

What Is a “Legal Education Center” in China

Friday, 4.4.2014

Von Teng Biao. Quelle: China Change.

Public Opinion, Criminal Justice, and Incipient Popular Liberalism in China

Sunday, 23.3.2014

Von Joshua Rosenzweig. Quelle: The China Story.

The Life and Death of Cao Shunli (1961 — 2014)

Tuesday, 18.3.2014

Von Yaxue Cao. Quelle: China Change.

With legal reforms, China wants less interfering in cases, fewer death penalty crimes

Sunday, 9.3.2014

Von Sui-Lee Wee und Li Hui. Quelle: Reuters.

Red Lights Dim in China’s Sin City

Friday, 7.3.2014

China is undergoing the harshest anti-vice campaign the government has mounted in years (…). Von Edward Wong. Quelle: NYT.

Once hired, never fired?

Thursday, 6.3.2014

China Employment Contracts. The Basics on Probation. Von Dan Harris. Quelle: China Law Blog.

Beijing court accepts claim over forced WW2 labour

Thursday, 27.2.2014

Von Christopher Bodeen. Quelle: The Scotsman. Vgl. China steps up propaganda war on Japan “… plans to mark the ‘rape of Nanjing’ in new national holiday …”, “… attempt to make the Second World War a central theme of a presidential trip to Germany next month …” Von Tom Phillips (Telegraph).

Petitioners are frequently forced to go home

Wednesday, 26.2.2014

China stresses rule of law in reform of age-old petitions system (New Straits Time). Vgl. 中央出台规定解决信访问题:推行律师参与接访 ( Qingnian Bao).

Dongguan: Crackdown on Sex City

Friday, 14.2.2014

Quelle: The Economist. Ferner: Artikel der Stuttgarter Zeitung.

China names errant law enforcement officials for the first time Read more: China names errant law enforcement officials for the first time

Wednesday, 12.2.2014

Quelle: New Straits Time/Reuters.

Spanish arrest orders issued for former Chinese officials accused of genocide in Tibet

Wednesday, 12.2.2014

China bristling, Spain seeks to curb its judges’ international rights clout Von Inmaculada Sanz (Reuters).

Ma Ainong 马爱侬: Chinese Literary Translator Gets her Day in Court

Thursday, 6.2.2014

Blogeintrag von Bruce Humes.

To Bribe Or Not To Bribe

Sunday, 2.2.2014

Comparing Perceptions About Justice, Morality, And InequalityAmong Rural And Urban Chinese Von Christine B. Avenarius und Xudong Zhao. Abstract und PDF. Quelle: Academia.

Vier Jahre Haft: China verurteilt Bürgerrechtler Xu Zhiyong 许志永

Monday, 27.1.2014

“Neben dem inhaftierten Liu Xiaobo gilt er als einer der wichtigsten Menschenrechtsaktivisten des Landes …” Quelle: SZ. Vgl. 中国活动人士许志永被判4年有期徒刑 (FT Chinese). Ferner: For Freedom, Justice and Love — My Closing Statement to the Court Von Xu Zhiyong (China Change).

Kein Abschied vom Lager

Saturday, 18.1.2014

Chinas Gefängnissystem nach «Umerziehung durch Arbeit». Von Markus Ackeret. Quelle: NZZ.

Feminism Celebrating the V-word

Tuesday, 14.1.2014

Quelle: The Economist

China abolishes its labour camps and releases prisoners

Friday, 10.1.2014

Von Malcolm Moore. Quelle: Telegraph.

Killing of Two Demolition Officials by Chinese Veteran Farmer Wins Public Sympathy

Sunday, 29.12.2013

Von Jack Hu. Quelle: Global Voices. Vgl. 苏州两名拆迁人员被杀 律师称涉事村民系自卫 ( Dushi Bao).

We would not let you go even if your father is Li Gang!

Sunday, 29.12.2013

Bizarre China Report: Elite Privilege, Firewater Collateral And Beijing’s Kremlin Von Heng Shao (Forbes).

Abschaffung der Umerziehungslager sowie Lockerung der Ein-Kind-Politik

Saturday, 28.12.2013

Volkskongress: China verabschiedet sein neues Reformpaket (Welt)