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Demolishing Dalian: China’s ‘Russian’ city is erasing its heritage – in pictures

Saturday, 25.3.2017

Von Francesca Perry. Quelle: Guardian.

The 1,800 “enemy aliens” being held at Shanghai’s Lunghwa Civil Assembly Centre

Saturday, 25.3.2017

War, Detention, Revolution: Foreigner Recounts Shanghai History Fifty-year Shanghai resident Betty Barr on living in a World War II internment camp and publishing her mother’s diary from the era (Sixth Tone).

Straight Baby Talk: Children of Shanghai’s International Settlement

Friday, 24.3.2017

Nachtrag. Quelle:

The Status of Women is Not an Issue for the Ru (Confucian) Tradition

Friday, 24.3.2017

Von Bin Song. Quelle: Huffington Post.

Leipziger Buchmesse: Schweizerin [Eva Lüdi Kong] erhält Übersetzer-Preis in Leipzig

Friday, 24.3.2017

Von Luzia Stettler. Quelle: SRF.

To Improve Air Quality, Harbin Bans Burning Ghost Money

Monday, 20.3.2017

Quelle: Sixth Tone.

Das Sanguozhi yanyi („Die drei Reiche“), das Xiyou ji („Die Reise in den Westen“)

Sunday, 19.3.2017

Xiahou isst sein Auge, Liu schlachtet seine Frau Von Wieland Freund (Welt).


Thursday, 16.3.2017

Ancient Tomb Decorated with Vibrant Murals Found in China Von Owen Jarus (

Géza Szuk, “Our Little China. The Austro-Hungarian settlement in Tianjin”

Thursday, 16.3.2017

Ttranslation and annotation by Mátyás Mervay. Quelle:

Our second speed bookclub event

Wednesday, 15.3.2017

On a cold December evening I headed to the Free Word Centre in London, to do something I had never tried before Von Helen Wang (Paper Republic).

LGBTQ is nothing new to Chinese culture

Wednesday, 15.3.2017

Letter: There’s no need to apologize on behalf of Chinese people (Richmond News)

Reizvoller aber irreführender Vergleich: Ist Donald Trump Amerikas Mao?

Tuesday, 14.3.2017

Gastkommentar von Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer (NZZ).

Jon Huntsman, Trump’s pick for Russia ambassador, is a baffling choice

Saturday, 11.3.2017

“President Barack Obama appointed Huntsman, a Republican, to serve as ambassador to China in his first term because Huntsman speaks Mandarin and had lived in Taiwan.” Quelle: Vox

Yuan Hongdao – Eine Geschichte der Vasen

Friday, 10.3.2017

Ein Beitrag zur Literatur der Kennerschaft der späten Ming-Zeit. Von Phillip Grimberg. Verlagsmitteilung (Auszug als PDF) (Otto Harrassowitz Verlag).

Li Zhi (1527-1602)

Friday, 10.3.2017

A Book To Burn And A Book To Keep (Hidden) – Select Writings (Translations from the Asian Classics) “Rivi Handler-Spitz, Pauline C. Lee, and Haun Saussy have created a wonderful resource for readers, researchers, students, and teachers alike …” Buchvorstellung von Carla Nappi (

All 228 Incident documents declassified

Thursday, 9.3.2017

“The 228 Incident refers to a crackdown launched by the then-Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) regime against civilian demonstrations following an incident in Taipei on Feb. 27, 1947. The event marked the beginning of the White Terror era, during which thousands of Taiwanese were arrested, imprisoned and executed. Historians estimate as many as 30,000 people were killed.” Von Stacy Hsu. Quelle: Taipei Times.

A semi-comic, interpretive dictionary of basic Chinese expressions

Thursday, 9.3.2017

The Man With the Key Von Karin Malmstrom & Nancy Nash (

Britain’s Imperial Retreat from China, 1900-1931

Wednesday, 8.3.2017

Mark Klobas stellt ein Buch von Phoebe Chow vor. Quelle:

Lao She « L’échec d’une femme »

Monday, 6.3.2017

Blogpost von Brigitte Duzan.

Blicke in die Übersetzer-Werkstatt: Das Widerständige wagen

Monday, 6.3.2017

“… Rainald Simon unternimmt bei seiner Übertragung des altchinesischen «Shijing» den Versuch, zwei disparate Sprachsysteme und damit Kulturen zu verbinden …” Von Martin Zähringer. Quelle: NZZ.

Reconstructing the Kongzi shilun: From the Arrangement of the Bamboo Slips to a Tentative Translation

Saturday, 18.2.2017

Von Thies Staack. Quelle:

A Chinese Papillon

Friday, 17.2.2017

The true story of a man who escaped Mao’s labour camps “Xu Hongci is one of a tiny number of escapees from the prison camps of Maoist China; his autobiography has been translated into English from the Chinese original …” (SCMP).

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI)

Thursday, 16.2.2017

La littérature chinoise : un rapide aperçu “Le site Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI) est destiné aux bibliothécaires dans le monde anglophone …” Blogpost von Brigitte Duzan.

Hoover Archives Acquires The Papers Of Linghu Pu, Nationalist Official In North China

Sunday, 12.2.2017

Quelle: Hoover

Pure, unadulterated Anglo-Saxon stock

Saturday, 11.2.2017

First they came for the Chinese: Trump’s assault on Muslims puts US back 135 years “… recalls the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 – when immigrants from China were on the receiving end …” Von Chow Chung-Yan (SCMP).