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Tension haunts tiny Taiwanese isles that live in fear of war with China

Monday, 22.2.2021

Quelle: Guardian

China beefs up coastal forces as it prepares for possible Taiwan invasion

Wednesday, 21.10.2020

Quelle: SCMP

After Hong Kong: China sets sights on solving ‘the Taiwan problem’

Monday, 5.10.2020

Quelle: The Guardian

Vom gesellschaftskritischen Kommentator zum altersweisen Zeitengänger

Sunday, 27.9.2020

Quelle: Literaturblatt

Hawk or dove? Birdwatching world’s feathers ruffled over Taiwan independence

Friday, 25.9.2020

Quelle: The Guardian

Taiwan: China’s next target? DW Analysis

Sunday, 20.9.2020

Quelle: DW

Hong Kong 12 who fled by boat for Taiwan held in ‘criminal detention’ by China

Tuesday, 15.9.2020

Quelle: The Guardian

US presidential election: Will strategic ambiguity on Taiwan be restored?

Friday, 11.9.2020

Quelle: SCMP

An unwavering friend of Taiwan

Thursday, 6.8.2020

US health chief to make most senior visit to Taiwan in decades (CNN)

Taiwan’s Political Landscape Changes Overnight

Monday, 26.11.2018

Taiwan’s “midterms” give the ruling DPP a slap in the face and disappoint LGBT activists. Von Chris Taylor. Quelle:

Un recueil de nouvelles de Taiwan, aux éditions Magellan

Wednesday, 18.7.2018

Blogpost von Duzan.

Xi warns Taiwan will face ‘punishment of history’ for separatism

Thursday, 22.3.2018

Von Philip Wen und Ben Blanchard. Quelle: Reuters.

Taiwan’s comic book heroes

Friday, 22.12.2017

Quelle: BBC.

‘A gift from the sky’: record-breaking nine-hour rainbow appears in Taiwan

Tuesday, 5.12.2017

Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian.

The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan’s Defense and US Strategy in Asia

Monday, 9.10.2017

Besprechung eines Buchs von Ian Easton (

Triad Member Behind Scuffles Between Pro-China And Pro-Independence Protesters On Taiwan University Campus

Thursday, 28.9.2017

Quelle: Vgl. Videos surface of pro-China suspect beating Taiwanese students Von Keoni Everington (Taiwan News).

Taiwan unter Präsidentin Tsai Ing-wen – Aufbruch oder Sackgasse?

Monday, 18.9.2017

Nachtrag. 30 Jahre Demokratie im Kampf um die Selbstbehauptung. Von Jürgen Kahl. PDF. Quelle: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Taiwanischer Menschenrechtler [Lee Ming Cheh] in China vor Gericht

Thursday, 14.9.2017

Quelle: Zeit Online/Agenturen

Taiwan will Entwicklung der Biotech-Branche stärken

Tuesday, 1.8.2017

Von Jürgen Maurer. Quelle: gtai.

15 Movies That Speak to the Complex Relationship Between Taiwan and Japan

Wednesday, 26.7.2017

Von I-fan Lin. Quelle: Global Voices.

Kriegsrecht – Neue Literatur aus Taiwan

Wednesday, 12.7.2017

Von Thilo Diefenbach (Hrsg.). Quelle: Verlagsmitteilung.

Flashback: Taipei Story (1985) – urban alienation in Taiwanese auteur Edward Yang’s second feature

Sunday, 18.6.2017

Von Richard James Havis. Quelle: SCMP.

Histoires au coin de la rue : plongée dans la ville de Taipei d’aujourd’hui (et d’hier)

Tuesday, 6.6.2017

Blogpost von Brigitte Duzan.

Wissenschaftliche Forschungsarbeiten mit Taiwanbezug

Sunday, 30.4.2017

Stipendium: Taiwan Fellowship 2018. Quelle:

‘I have decided to travel to Beijing, find out what is going on, and rescue my husband’

Saturday, 1.4.2017

A Statement by Wife of Taiwanese NGO Worker Lee Ming-che (China Change)