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Reiseberichte über China und Tibet, von den Anfängen der Geschichte bis zum Jahr 2000

Wednesday, 15.11.2017

Website von Matthias Claus.

After nearly six decades of exile, some Tibetans in India are slowly letting go of the past

Tuesday, 10.10.2017

Von Vidhi Doshi. Quelle: WP.

Inviting Nepalese citizens on the other side of the line to help them extend the road farther into Nepal

Tuesday, 12.9.2017

China Builds Road to Nepal Border, Sets Up Flag (RFA)

It will be difficult for the Mars simulation to imitate the original

Saturday, 9.9.2017

China brings Mars a little closer with replica on Tibet plateau 95,000 square-kilometre space base will be used to train astronauts as well as entertain glamping tourists. Von Tom Phillips (Guardian).

Five years teaching at the top of the world

Monday, 29.5.2017

Tibetan primary school headed by Qimei Ciren is at a higher altitude than Everest base camps. Von Eva Li. Quelle: SCMP.

The last piece of pure land

Sunday, 7.5.2017

China plans world’s biggest national park on Tibetan plateau Survey to help draw boundary of 2.5 million sq km park scheduled for this summer. Von Stephen Chen (SCMP).

Hydro dams advancing up the rivers of eastern Tibet

Tuesday, 17.1.2017


Eat, pray, love the Communist Party: a road trip through Tibetan lands, guided by China

Thursday, 12.1.2017

Von Jonathan Kayman. Quelle: LA Times.

‘Yeti’ Prints Suggest Humans Settled in Tibet More Than 7,000 Years Ago

Monday, 9.1.2017

Quelle: WSJ

Tibet’s tremendous progress

Friday, 11.11.2016

Chinese policy is modernising Tibet Von Zeng Rong (Guardian).

Mit Baggern gegen Buddhisten

Sunday, 9.10.2016

Von Petra Kolonko. Quelle: FAZ.

Dalai Lama visit to Strasbourg provokes threats from China

Wednesday, 21.9.2016

Quelle: Guardian/Reuters

How censored is China’s first Tibetan-language search engine?

Wednesday, 24.8.2016

Von Zheping Huang. Quelle: Quartz.

Important Instruction

Tuesday, 28.6.2016

China ‘bans Lady Gaga’ after Dalai Lama meeting Von Tom Phillips (Guardian).

« Neige », nouvelles tibétaines de Pema Tseden : réflexions croisées des traductrices

Thursday, 23.6.2016

Blogpost von Brigitte Duzan.

Massive Cuts Planned For Tibetan Buddhist Center in Sichuan

Wednesday, 15.6.2016

Quelle: RFA

Diverting Tibetan waters into the canal to the deep North

Monday, 30.5.2016

Dropping Tibet, fighting gravity (

The ‘Cultural Revolution’ in Tibet

Saturday, 21.5.2016


Kurz vor Reise: China verhängt Einreiseverbot gegen CDU-Politiker [Michael Brand]

Wednesday, 11.5.2016

Der Chef des Menschenrechtsausschusses im Bundestag, Michael Brand (42, CDU), darf nicht nach China reisen. Von Karina Mössbauer. Quelle: Bild.

China says its ‘Living Buddha’ database will ’strike a heavy blow’ to the Dalai Lama

Sunday, 1.5.2016


China To Introduce 15-year Free Education Policy

Saturday, 9.4.2016

Nachtrag. Quelle: News Ghana.

China will Wiedergeburt des Dalai Lama beeinflussen

Saturday, 12.3.2016

“Der Dalai Lama ist mittlerweile 80 Jahre alt …” Von Axel Dorloff. Quelle: Deutschlandfunk.

China will gigantische Bahnstrecke nach Tibet bauen

Friday, 11.3.2016

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Creation of China Daily’s Tibetan-style font

Wednesday, 27.1.2016


KFC to open first restaurant in Tibet

Sunday, 13.12.2015

Von Palden Nyima und Jack Freifelder. Quelle: China Daily. Vgl. 西藏第一家肯德基明年开业 曾被达赖阻止 (