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‘Asia’s first travel bubble’: Taiwan and Palau make final arrangements

Thursday, 1.4.2021

Quelle: SCMP

Heartbreak and anger as China discourages travel for Lunar New Year

Tuesday, 9.2.2021

Quelle: CNN

As Chinese tourists steer clear of Indonesia, Bali and beyond feel the pinch

Monday, 4.1.2021


China’s COVID-free ‘Hawaii’ chases local tourist dollar with a vengeance

Tuesday, 8.12.2020

Quelle: Reuters

China’s post-Covid-19 travel industry sees green shoots with tourists embracing short trips, luxury stays in lessons for global operators

Tuesday, 8.9.2020

Quelle: SCMP

Number of Chinese tourists to Indonesia continues to rise exponentially

Monday, 23.10.2017

Von Jeffrey Hutton. Quelle: SCMP.

It will be difficult for the Mars simulation to imitate the original

Saturday, 9.9.2017

China brings Mars a little closer with replica on Tibet plateau 95,000 square-kilometre space base will be used to train astronauts as well as entertain glamping tourists. Von Tom Phillips (Guardian).

The weird and wonderful things you notice when you travel to China

Tuesday, 1.8.2017

Von Gavin Fernando. Quelle:

China to debut world’s first bird ‘airport’

Sunday, 30.7.2017

Nachtrag. Tianjin’s wetland sanctuary will serve as a rest stop for peckish migratory birds traveling along one of the world’s major flyways. Von Matt Hickman. Quelle:

How China became a paradise for rail travellers

Thursday, 27.7.2017

Von Gill Charton. Quelle: Telegraph.

China’s Great Wall repaired with simple tools, bricks of old

Wednesday, 21.6.2017

Von Thomas Suen und Damir Sagolj. Quelle: Reuters. Chin. Sprachfassung hier.

In den U-Bahnen reiben sich die Menschen in ihren Anzügen ungewollt aneinander

Wednesday, 3.5.2017

China: Beton bis zum Himmel Von William Harrison-Zehelein (Augsburger Allgemeine).

Things you probably didn’t know about Chungking Mansions

Thursday, 20.4.2017

Von Frank Chen. Quelle: EJ Insight.

Carnival announces the first Chinese cruise ships built in China

Friday, 24.2.2017

Von Chabeli Herrera. Quelle: Miami Herald.

24 hours in Heijing: Exploring Yunnan’s hidden valley

Sunday, 12.2.2017

Von Jonas Kelsch. Quelle:

China’s massive Lunar New Year travel rush: where are they going and how?

Thursday, 26.1.2017

Von Daniel Moss und Kinling Lo. Quelle: SCMP.

New Zealand Suffers Shortage of Skydiving Instructors as Chinese Adventure Travel Takes Off

Thursday, 26.1.2017

Quelle: Chublic

Customised travel: the next big thing for Chinese tourists?

Monday, 23.1.2017

Von Coco Liu. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. 旅游业消费投资两旺:旅游+业态不断丰富 定制旅游成趋势 (

Las Vegas Works to Charm Travelers From Asia

Wednesday, 18.1.2017

Von Elaine Glusac. Quelle: NYT.

Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng

Tuesday, 10.1.2017

The Couple Who Saved China’s Ancient Architectural Treasures Before They Were Lost Forever Von Tony Perrottet (Smithsonian Magazine).

What’s really behind Thailand’s hostility to Chinese tourists?

Friday, 30.12.2016

While tales of crass behaviour abound, the true roots of popular revulsion reach into the economics of Chinese tourism and Thailand’s history of immigration. Von James Austin Farrell. Quelle: SCMP.

Donaueschingen: Immer mehr Touristen aus China

Wednesday, 14.12.2016

Quelle: Schwarzwälder Bote

China’s Mining Towns Try To Economically Transition, Attract Tourists – But Who Wants To Go There?

Monday, 5.12.2016

Von Wade Shepard. Quelle: Forbes. Vgl. 美媒称中国资源城市尝试艰难转型:减少产能 开发旅游 (Cankao Xiaoxi).

Original große “Titanic” soll 2018 fertig werden

Saturday, 3.12.2016

Quelle: Spiegel Online.

To Kashgar and beyond in Xinjiang, China’s Wild West

Wednesday, 30.11.2016

Von Chris Taylor. Quelle: SCMP.