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Climate Change Responsible for Qinghai Lake’s Record Size

Monday, 5.6.2017

Many lakes on the Tibetan Plateau are growing larger due to increased rainfall. Quelle: Sixth Tone.

Berlin droht ein „Panda-Problem“ mit China zu bekommen

Friday, 19.5.2017

Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Feature: Vietnamese consuming wild animal meat, blood as sexual tonics driving some species to extinction

Friday, 19.5.2017

Quelle: Xinhua

The last piece of pure land

Sunday, 7.5.2017

China plans world’s biggest national park on Tibetan plateau Survey to help draw boundary of 2.5 million sq km park scheduled for this summer. Von Stephen Chen (SCMP).

Beijing hit by new air pollution crisis as huge sandstorm blows in

Sunday, 7.5.2017

Von Tom Phillipps. Quelle: Guardian.

Foldable e-bikes hit roads amid China’s bike-sharing frenzy

Tuesday, 11.4.2017

Quelle: Xinhua.

China Launches Biggest Smog Drive

Tuesday, 11.4.2017

Video. Quelle: Bloomberg.

China has fished itself out of its own waters, so Chinese fishermen are now sticking their rods in other nations’ seas

Friday, 7.4.2017

Von Matthew Sedacca. Quelle: Quartz.

Bao Bao, an American-Born Panda, Steps Out in China

Tuesday, 28.3.2017

“… Mr. Tang was selected to work with Bao Bao in part because he speaks English as well as Chinese, an important skill to help haigui, or overseas returned, pandas to adapt to their new homes …” Von Karoline Kan. Quelle: NYT. Vgl. Artikel bei

The fight for the Salween, mighty river still running free

Thursday, 23.3.2017

Nachtrag. Von Tom Fawthorp. Quelle: East by Southeast.

To Improve Air Quality, Harbin Bans Burning Ghost Money

Monday, 20.3.2017

Quelle: Sixth Tone.

China’s New-Energy Vehicle Sales Fire on All Cylinders

Saturday, 18.3.2017

Von Coco Feng. Quelle: Caixin.

Klimapartner China

Wednesday, 15.3.2017

Von Caio Koch-Weser. Quelle: SZ.

From Lake Baikal

Wednesday, 8.3.2017

‘Parched’ Chinese city plans to pump water from Russian lake via 1,000km pipeline Von Tom Phillips (Guardian).

Hong Kong can create its own smog, researchers say

Monday, 6.3.2017

Von Ernest Kao. Quelle: SCMP.

Hydro dams advancing up the rivers of eastern Tibet

Tuesday, 17.1.2017


I believe what’s frightening is not the smog, but your indifference

Wednesday, 11.1.2017

Frustrated by choking air pollution, some attempt to hold government to account Von Huang Jingjing und Zhang Yiqian (Global Times).

‘All-Weather Friendship’: COP22 and Its Effect on Sino-African Relations

Monday, 9.1.2017

Nachtrag. Von Niall Duggan und Obert Hodzi. Quelle:

Photo of the week: Beijing skyscrapers just peek out over airpocalypse

Monday, 9.1.2017

Von Alex Linder. Quelle: Shanghaiist.

You might want to pass on the shrimp cocktail

Thursday, 5.1.2017

Nachtrag How Antibiotic-Tainted Seafood From China Ends Up on Your Table Von Jason Gale, Lydia Mulvany und Monte Reel (Bloomberg).

The factory in a wetland park

Monday, 2.1.2017

Is China’s electric car dream turning into a zombie nightmare? Rush to benefit from government subsidies spawned many small, ‘new-energy’ carmakers; few are expected to survive. Von Jane Cai (SCMP).

Neujahrsvorsatz: China will Elfenbein-Handel verbieten

Monday, 2.1.2017

Quelle: DW/Agenturen

Smogbelastung in China steigt auf aberwitzige Werte

Sunday, 25.12.2016

“… Feinstaub als Naturkatastrophe …” Von Johnny Erling. Quelle: Welt.

Humanity digging its own grave

Friday, 23.12.2016

Shanghai water supply hit by 100-tonne wave of garbage Von Benjamin Haas (Guardian).

Direkt ins Blut und in die Lunge

Thursday, 22.12.2016

Smog in China: Alarmstufe Rot Von Petra Kolonko (FAZ). Vgl. Guardian-Artikel.