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2013 Year in Review

Tuesday, 31.12.2013

Quelle: ChinaFile

New Express backer paid Bill Clinton US$500,000 for Guangzhou event

Thursday, 21.11.2013

“… Chau Chak Wing, chairman of the Guangzhou-based Kingold Group, sponsored the global discussion forum on Nov. 18 …” Quelle: Want China Times.

Chifeng: Ice halo (riyun 日晕)

Sunday, 3.11.2013

Three suns rise over China ( Vgl. 内蒙古赤峰天上现“3个太阳”(组图) ( Wang).

Flammen unter Maos Portrait

Tuesday, 29.10.2013

Nach dem mysteriösen Auto-Crash auf dem Tiananmen-Platz mehren sich Gerüchte, dass das Unglück eher ein Selbstmordanschlag war. Von Finn Mayer-Kuckuk. Quelle: Handelsblatt. Vgl. FS-Artikel von Inna Hartwich. Vgl. Tiananmen Square attack sows terror in spiritual heart of China Von Barbara Demick (LA Times) und Tiananmen jeep crash kills 5, police name Xinjiang suspects Von Jiang Jie und Liu Sha (Global Times).

‘Zombie Car’ abandoned in China street, overgrown with ivy

Tuesday, 22.10.2013

Von Ed Flanagan. Quelle: NBC News.

Chinese couple sold baby to pay for iPhone

Saturday, 19.10.2013

Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Telegraph.

A metre-long rat that had been terrorising villagers

Thursday, 17.10.2013

Nachtrag. Chinese farmers capture metre-long 5kg rat that had been terrorising villagers and break two knives trying to cut it up to eat (Daily Mail)

Death toll from giant hornets rises

Friday, 4.10.2013

Quelle: ninemsn.

Chinese boy Xiao Feng ‘gives birth’ to twin brother

Wednesday, 2.10.2013

… after doctors find foetus growing in his stomach. Quelle:

Frauenmangel in China: Geschäft mit Gummipuppen boomt

Friday, 16.8.2013

Quelle: Hamburger Morgenpost.

Spezialkräfte reißen illegale Hochhausvilla ab

Friday, 16.8.2013

Video. Quelle: Welt.

Watch: Shanghai is hot enough to fry pork on the sidewalk

Wednesday, 31.7.2013

Video. Quelle:

Feathered gatekeepers

Sunday, 21.7.2013

China deploys elite gaggle of geese police “Police forces in rural corners of Xinjiang province …” Von Tom Phillips (Telegraph).

Shanghai: Chinas ältestes Gefängnis wird zu Büro- und Ladengebäude

Monday, 15.7.2013


The big, slick Buddha of Luoyang that looks like an entrepreneur

Tuesday, 11.6.2013

Von Barry van Wyk. Quelle: Danwei.

Philadelphia Orchestra Performance Of Dvorak On An Airplane In Beijing

Monday, 10.6.2013

Von Anthony Tao. Quelle: Beijing Cream.

Chinese family buys £4 million New York flat for two-year-old

Wednesday, 27.3.2013

Von Malcolm Moore. Quelle: Telegraph.

Belt heads without belts!

Monday, 18.3.2013

China Car Culture: fooling the seat-belt reminder systems. Von Tycho de Feyter. Quelle:

Panda-Porno für liebesfaules Bären-Paar

Sunday, 17.3.2013

Quelle: Berliner Zeitung.

I realised I had never really listened to music or sung, so I decided to make an album

Tuesday, 12.3.2013

Ai Weiwei to release heavy metal album Chinese artist has written nine rock-tinged tracks for music debut hot on the heels of Gangnam-style video. Von Tania Branigan (Guardian).

China drückt uns an die Wand

Wednesday, 27.2.2013

Von Uli Dönch. Quelle: Focus.

Death in Singapore

Monday, 18.2.2013

US electronics engineer Shane Todd was found hanging in his Singapore apartment. “… IME and Huawei …” Von Raymond Bonner und Christine Spolar. Quelle: FT.

China macht sich im Mittelmeerraum breit

Monday, 28.1.2013

“… Einstieg der Chinesen in mehrere grosse Häfen …” Quelle:

Chinese bride marries with £100 million dowry

Wednesday, 2.1.2013

“A Chinese kitchen and bathroom tile magnate ..” Von Malcolm Moore. Quelle: Telegraph.

Shark tank bursts in a busy Shanghai mall (aktualisiert)

Tuesday, 1.1.2013

See the moment a huge shark tank bursts in a busy Shanghai mall, injuring 15 people (National Post). Update: Aquarium in Shanghai Ruptures Von Lauren Mack (