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75% of New Sellers on Amazon Are From China

Thursday, 21.1.2021

Quelle: Marketplace Pulse

All EU member states back China investment deal, sources say

Tuesday, 29.12.2020

Quelle: SCMP

Der Vormarsch der Alibaba-Tochter ist ins Stocken geraten. Aliexpress bietet Produkte deutlich günstiger an. Doch die Vorteile gegenüber Schweizer Online-Händlern schwinden.

Tuesday, 29.12.2020

Quelle: NZZ

China – Pandemiegewinner für den Moment

Wednesday, 16.12.2020

PDF. Quelle: SWP.

Domestic and global challenges of China’s economic transformation

Tuesday, 15.12.2020

Quelle: East Asia Forum

The Journey to Reopening: Real Stories from Chinese Business Owners

Tuesday, 15.12.2020

Quelle: Elephant Room

Self-reliance is China’s endgame

Monday, 9.11.2020

Quelle: Bloomberg

As many countries struggle to plan weeks ahead, China just set its agenda for the next 15 years

Saturday, 31.10.2020

Quelle: CNN

A multibillion-dollar shopping obsession goes mainstream in China

Tuesday, 15.9.2020

Quelle: CNN

Countryside fit for a superpower? Inside China’s colossal rural revamp

Tuesday, 8.9.2020

Quelle: The Guardian

340 Chinese vessels just off the biodiverse Galápagos Islands

Tuesday, 25.8.2020

Can anyone stop China’s vast armada of fishing boats? (Guardian)

China’s young job seekers struggle despite economic recovery

Monday, 3.8.2020

Quelle: Channel News Asia.

Even if we have all that in China, we still feel insecure

Friday, 19.6.2020

China’s big savers weather pandemic uncertainty By Jennifer Pak (marketplace).

Chinese shoppers are giving luxury brands some hope

Friday, 19.6.2020

Quelle: CNN

How coronavirus pandemic has derailed Asia’s booming online lending industry, much of it backed by Chinese money

Wednesday, 3.6.2020

In India there are nearly 500 online lending start-ups, and roughly 160 in Indonesia, many backed by Chinese money. Quelle: SCMP/Reuters.

How China’s traditional villages are falling victim to its global ambitions

Tuesday, 5.11.2019

Quelle: SCMP.

Huawei executive wanted by U.S. faces fraud charges related to Iran sanctions, could face 30 years in prison

Sunday, 9.12.2018

Von Emily Rauhala. Quelle: WP.

The Specter of Global China: Politics, Labor, and Foreign Investment in Africa

Monday, 29.10.2018

Vorstellung eines Buches von Ching Kwan Lee, von Marshall Poe. Quelle: New Books Network.

The 2018 China-Africa Reporting Guide

Friday, 26.10.2018


China’s middle class spend less as they scrimp and save for their children’s education

Wednesday, 17.10.2018

By Jane Cai. Quelle: SCMP. Chin. Version hier.

The solar industry could be a ticking time bomb

Wednesday, 18.7.2018

The Dark Side of China’s Solar Boom The sun’s shining on the world’s largest solar industry, but experts warn that there could be problems brewing on the horizon. Von Bibek Bhandari und Nicole Lim (Sixth Tone).

Made In China 2025: The Domestic Tech Plan That Sparked An International Backlash

Friday, 6.7.2018


Animal farming to new heights

Friday, 18.5.2018

Inside China’s million-pound ‘hog hotel’: Farmers keep 1,000 pigs per floor in buildings
as tall as seven storeys to produce the nation’s favourite meat Von Kelsey Cheng. Quelle: Daily Mail. Chin. Übersetzung hier.

MERICS Economic Indicators

Thursday, 25.1.2018

Von Max J. Zenglein und Maximilian Kärnfelt. Quelle: Merics.

The War for China’s Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order

Thursday, 30.11.2017

How To Profit From China’s Rising Nationalism Russell Flannery über ein neues Buch (Forbes). Vgl. chinesischsprachigen Artikel hier.