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The Silk Road of Pop

Monday, 13.10.2014

Quelle: International Dunhuang Project.

Chinese radicals from Xinjiang join Islamic State

Saturday, 27.9.2014

“… China’s Communist-run Global Times newspaper said …” Von Nathan Vanderklippe. Quelle: Globe and Mail.

50 dead, 54 injured in Xinjiang violence

Saturday, 27.9.2014

Quelle: Times of India

Unruheprovinz Xinjiang: China verurteilt Regimegegner Tohti zu lebenslanger Haft (aktualisiert)

Wednesday, 24.9.2014

Quelle: Spiegel Online. Vgl. 维族教师伊力哈木涉嫌分裂国家罪被判无期 (Fenghuang Zixun/CCTV). Update: ‘They Don’t Want Moderate Uighurs’ Von Ian Johnson ( und China verurteilt Wissenschaftler: Es ist wie verhext Von Mark Siemons (FAZ).

‘The Art of Symbolic Resistance’ by Henryk Szadziewski

Thursday, 18.9.2014

Buchbesprechung von Joanne Smith Finley. Quelle: Asia Sentinel.

Prozess gegen den uigurischen Intellektuellen Ilham Tohti

Wednesday, 17.9.2014

Chinas Regime zeigt sich unversöhnlich. Von Markus Ackeret. Quelle: NZZ.

Beidou navigation system gives boost to battle against terrorism in Xinjiang

Wednesday, 10.9.2014

Von Gao Bo. Quelle: China Daily.

To Temper Unrest in Western China, Officials Offer Money for Intermarriage

Wednesday, 3.9.2014

Von Edward Wong. Quelle: NYT. Vgl. 新疆以现金奖励民汉通婚 鼓励异族结婚 (Xinhua).

China’s New Policy in Xinjiang and its Challenges

Saturday, 30.8.2014

Von Shan Wei und Weng Cuifen. Quelle:

“Stern looks” can be used to defeat terrorists

Friday, 22.8.2014

China tells villagers to fight terror by frowning Communist Party officials advise villagers in China’s violent-hit west that “stern looks” can be used to defeat terrorists as well as wooden clubs. Von Tom Phillips (Telegraph).

Spreading the net

Thursday, 14.8.2014

New episodes of violence and repression have heightened tensions in Xinjiang. Quelle: Economist.

China Sees Islamic State Inching Closer to Home

Tuesday, 12.8.2014

Chinese media lights up after a Hong Kong weekly says IS aims to expand into Xinjiang. Von Alexa Olesen. Quelle: Foreign Pilicy/Tea Leaf Nation. Vgl. ISIS扬言数年后占领新疆 其头目指责中国在疆政策 (Fenghuang Zhoukan).

China’s far west: A Chechnya in the making

Monday, 11.8.2014

An iron fist in Xinjiang is fuelling an insurrection. China’s leadership must switch tactics. Quelle: The Economist. Vgl. 18 Xinjiang terrorist rioting suspects surrender (Xinhua).

Amateur ‘Terrorist Hunters’ Offered Millions in Cash in Xinjiang

Thursday, 7.8.2014

Von Didi Kirsten Tatlow. Quelle: NYT Blog.

China bans beards, veils from Xinjiang city’s buses in security bid

Wednesday, 6.8.2014

Quelle: Straits Times. Vgl. 新疆反恐措施:蒙面、留大胡须禁乘公交 (Zhongguo Qingnian Bao).

Imam of China’s largest mosque killed in Xinjiang

Friday, 1.8.2014

Quelle: BBC. Vgl. 新疆爱国宗教人士居玛·塔伊尔大毛拉被害 (Guanchazhe Wang).

Yoghurt falls victim to China’s ‘people’s war’ on terror

Saturday, 26.7.2014

“… fears of attacks using liquid explosives …” Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Telegraph.

People’s war on terrorism

Monday, 21.7.2014

Beijing assembles people’s army to crush China terrorists with an iron fist Von Tom Phillips (Telegraph).

China bans Ramadan fast in Muslim northwest

Thursday, 3.7.2014

Von Didi Tang. Quelle: Yahoo/AP.

Unveiled: List of “2014 China Classics” to Benefit from Translation/Publication Subsidy

Tuesday, 1.7.2014

Blogeintrag von Bruce Humes (Altaic Storytelling).

Web Preaches Jihad to China’s Muslim Uighurs

Thursday, 26.6.2014

China Says Internet, Social Media Incite Terrorism Among Uighur Minority Von Jeremy Page und Ned Levin. Quelle: WSJ.

The bright side of Uygur culture

Tuesday, 10.6.2014

My life: Josh Summers “The Urumqi-based blogger tells Jenni Marsh about …” (SCMP).

Ethnic Violence in China

Monday, 2.6.2014

Meinungsartikel der NYT.

China’s Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Friday, 30.5.2014

China’s not-so-secret weapon against terrorism “… Similar to the East India Company …” Von Peter Cai (The Australian). Vgl. 新疆生产建设兵团 (Wikipedia) und 中国反恐秘器:新疆建设兵团 总人数260.72万人 (VOC).

The Silk Road belt

Friday, 30.5.2014

What China’s latest deals say about its grand strategy Von Lauren Dickey (CNN).