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Indonesia turns to China as ethnic Uighurs join would-be jihadis

Thursday, 7.1.2016

Quelle: Reuters

Is There a Uighur Terrorist Build-Up Taking Place in Southeast Asia?

Tuesday, 29.12.2015

Von Yenni Kwok. Quelle: Time.

China’s controversial new anti-terror law to pass on Sunday

Monday, 28.12.2015

Quelle: Reuters

China to expel French journalist [Ursula Gauthier] over Xinjiang article

Sunday, 27.12.2015

Quelle: The Hindu/AFP

Mandoprop: ISIL’s new recruitment song in Mandarin is another way to enrage China

Tuesday, 8.12.2015

Von Nikhil Sonnad. Quelle: Quartz.

China is cutting mobile phone services in its Muslim-heavy far west

Wednesday, 25.11.2015

Von Zheping Huang. Quelle: Quartz.

Xinjiang: China says 28 foreign-led ‘terrorists’ killed after attack on mine

Sunday, 22.11.2015

Von Michael Martina und Ben Blanchard. Quelle: Reuters.

Making groundless comments on national policies

Sunday, 15.11.2015

Chinese professor [Liang Xinsheng] removed for expressing ‘radical opinions’ amid fresh crackdown Vpn Tom Phillips (Guardian).

Japan und die USA machen China in Zentralasien Konkurrenz

Thursday, 5.11.2015

Und andere Themen. Quelle: Merics.

The study of Mandarin and the blending of different races

Wednesday, 4.11.2015

China to push cultural ‘blending’ in Xinjiang stability push (Reuters)

Über eine Begegnung im Altai und das natürliche Schreiben.

Tuesday, 27.10.2015

Von Li Juan 李娟. Aus dem Chinesischen von Julia Buddeberg. Quelle: GI. Originaltext: 最艱難的相處,最自然的書寫.

Marie Holzman: ‘The European Parliament Should Award the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to Ilham Tohti’

Tuesday, 20.10.2015

Quelle: China Change/RFA

China Subsidizes its Cotton Inland Empire

Saturday, 17.10.2015

Nachtrag. ” … in its arid northwestern Xinjiang territory …” Quelle: Dim Sums.

Uiguren: Chinas bequemes Terror-Problem

Friday, 9.10.2015

Von Tiara Haktin. Quelle: Zeit Online.

Knife Attack at Xinjiang Coal Mine Leaves 40 Dead, Injured

Wednesday, 23.9.2015

Quelle: RFA

Sven Hedin Bibliography

Friday, 21.8.2015

Nachtrag. Compiled by Daniel C. Waugh. Als PDF. Quelle: International Dunhuang Project.

Uighurs in the firing line in China?

Monday, 13.7.2015

Chinese government leaders accuse group deported from Thailand of planning to join ISIL. Quelle: Aljazeera.

Thailand Defends Its Decision to Forcibly Return Uighur Migrants to China

Friday, 10.7.2015

Von Charlie Campbell. Quelle: Time.

Q. and A.: Xie Shi on the Brotherhood of Skateboarding in China’s Far West

Tuesday, 7.7.2015

Von Vanessa Piao. Quelle: /

China says tourists attacked in Turkey during anti-China protests

Monday, 6.7.2015

Quelle: Reuters

Biertrink-Wettbewerbe und Bart-Verbote

Monday, 6.7.2015

Fastenmonat: China zwingt Muslime im Ramadan zum Essen (

The Road to the Weeping Spring 通往滴水泉的路, by Li Juan 李娟

Tuesday, 30.6.2015

Translated by Lucy Johnston. Quelle: Paper Republic.

In den Schulen werden Schüler durch Lehrer angehalten, öffentlich Wasser zu trinken

Tuesday, 30.6.2015

Ostturkestan: China führt Krieg gegen den Ramadan (Deutsch Türkisches Journal)

Keine Einfluss auf unsere Einladungsliste

Saturday, 27.6.2015

Eklat bei Veranstaltung: Wie Bayerns SPD in den Uiguren-Konflikt hineinstolpert Von Daniela Kuhr (SZ).

At least 18 dead in attack in China’s Xinjiang – Radio Free Asia

Wednesday, 24.6.2015