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The China-based foreigners defending Beijing from Xinjiang genocide claims

Thursday, 1.4.2021

Quelle: SCMP

Interpreting Islam in China: Pilgrimage, Language, and Scripture in the Han Kitab

Tuesday, 14.11.2017

SherAli Tareen stellt ein neues Buch von Kristian Petersen vor. Quelle:

This Is What A 21st-Century Police State Really Looks Like

Thursday, 26.10.2017

[Kashgar:] Far from the booming metropolis of Beijing, China is building a sprawling system that combines dystopian technology and human policing. “It’s a kind of frontline laboratory for surveillance.” Von Megha Rajagopalan. Quelle:

The problem of Muslims is not a problem of China, it is a problem of Germany, too

Sunday, 24.9.2017

Harassment case ignites online debate (

News About Uighur Scholar Ilham Tohti on the Third Anniversary of His Sentencing: No News

Sunday, 24.9.2017

Quelle: China Change

China zwingt Minderheit Überwachungs-App auf

Thursday, 3.8.2017

Nachtrag. Quelle:

Hu Line: China’s Forgotten Frontier

Saturday, 8.7.2017

“… the imaginary line divides China into two parts …” Von Colum Murphy. Quelle: Sixth Tone.

Tausende Uiguren kämpfen in Syrien – die wenigsten auf Seiten des Islamischen Staats

Friday, 12.5.2017

Quelle: Merics

Peking verbietet Uiguren muslimische Namen

Wednesday, 26.4.2017

Quelle: Spiegel Online

Xinjiang steigert Investitionen in Bildung und Infrastruktur

Friday, 31.3.2017

U. a. Themen. Quelle: Merics.

China ‘anti-terror’ rallies: thousands of troops on streets of Urumqi

Wednesday, 1.3.2017

Von Tom Philipps. Quelle: Guardian.

Clues suggest Istanbul nightclub gunman may be a Uighur

Saturday, 7.1.2017

Von Jason Burke. Quelle: Guardian.

Xinjiang and the Modern Chinese State

Saturday, 10.12.2016

Carla Nappi stellt ein Buch von Justin M. Jacob vor. Quelle:

To Kashgar and beyond in Xinjiang, China’s Wild West

Wednesday, 30.11.2016

Von Chris Taylor. Quelle: SCMP.

Living in China’s Expanding Deserts

Tuesday, 25.10.2016

Video. People on the edges of the country’s vast seas of sand are being displaced by climate change. Quelle: NYT.

Chinas Angst vor dem IS

Monday, 26.9.2016

“… Peking … baut eine muslimische Unruheprovinz zum Hochsicherheitstrakt um.” Von Hendrik Ankenbrand. Quelle: FAZ.

Ilham Tohti’s Nomination for Sakharov Prize Welcomed by Laureate and Scholars

Monday, 19.9.2016

Quelle: China Change

Uygur factor keeps Kyrgyzstan on Beijing’s radar

Wednesday, 31.8.2016

Proximity to restive Xinjiang region makes Central Asian nation strategically important. Von Catherine Wong. Quelle: SCMP.

Oil and Water: Being Han in Xinjiang

Tuesday, 26.7.2016

Von Tom Cliff. Quelle:

Give the Sakharov Prize to an Uighur Intellectual

Tuesday, 19.7.2016

Von André Gattonlin, Marie Holzman und Noël Mamère. Quelle: China Change.

Uyghur Nation – Reform and Revolution on the Russia-China Frontier

Thursday, 14.7.2016

“… David Brophy’s new book is a masterful study of the modern history of the Uyghurs …” Von Carla Nappi. Quelle:

Making the Case for Nominating Ilham Tohti for the Sakharov Prize

Wednesday, 1.6.2016

Quelle: China Change

Is China Moving to Restrict Religious Freedom for the Hui Muslims?

Tuesday, 17.5.2016

Von Wai Ling Yeung. Quelle: China Change.

China Detains 41 Uyghurs Who Skipped a Funeral of a Local Communist Functionary

Monday, 2.5.2016

Quelle: RFA

Xinjiang launches cross-border road trip routes

Saturday, 9.4.2016

Quelle: Xinhua.