CHINABLÄTTER-Lerntext vom 17.3.2005

People's Bank of China erhöht Hypotheken-Zinssatz


zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 yin2 hang2 jue2 ding4 jin1 qi3 tiao2 zheng3 zhu4 fang2 xin4 dai4 zheng4 ce4

ben3 bao4 bei3 jing1 3 yue4 16 ri4 xun4 ji4 zhe3 tian2 jun4 rong2 bao4 dao4 : wei4 cu4 jin4 fang2 di4 chan3 ye4 jian4 kang1 , chi2 xu4 fa1 zhan3 , zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 yin2 hang2 jue2 ding4 , cong2 2005 nian2 3 yue4 17 ri4 qi3 , tiao2 zheng3 shang1 ye4 yin2 hang2 zi4 ying2 xing4 ge4 ren2 zhu4 fang2 dai4 kuan3 zheng4 ce4 .

    zheng4 ce4 tiao2 zheng3 de0 nei4 rong2 bao1 kuo4 : yi1 shi4 jiang1 xian4 xing2 de0 zhu4 fang2 dai4 kuan3 you1 hui4 li4 lu:4 hui2 gui1 dao4 tong2 qi1 dai4 kuan3 li4 lu:4 shui3 ping2 , shi2 xing2 xia4 xian4 guan3 li3 , xia4 xian4 li4 lu:4 shui3 ping2 wei4 xiang1 ying4 qi1 xian4 dang4 ci4 dai4 kuan3 ji1 zhun3 li4 lu:4 de0 0 . 9 bei4 , shang1 ye4 yin2 hang2 fa3 ren2 ke3 gen1 ju4 ju4 ti3 qing2 kuang4 zi4 zhu3 que4 ding4 li4 lu:4 shui3 ping2 huo4 nei4 bu4 ding4 jia4 gui1 ze2 . yi3 5 nian2 ji1 yi3 shang4 ge4 ren2 zhu4 fang2 dai4 kuan3 wei4 li4 , qi2 li4 lu:4 xia4 xian4 wei4 dai4 kuan3 ji1 zhun3 li4 lu:4 6 . 12 % de0 0 . 9 bei4 ( ji2 5 . 51 % ) , bi4 xian4 xing2 you1 hui4 li4 lu:4 5 . 31 % gao1 0 . 20 ge4 bai3 fen1 dian3 . er4 shi4 dui4 fang2 di4 chan3 jia4 ge2 shang4 zhang3 guo4 kuai4 cheng2 shi4 huo4 di4 qu1 , ge4 ren2 zhu4 fang2 dai4 kuan3 zui4 di1 shou3 fu4 kuan3 bi3 li4 ke3 you2 xian4 xing2 de0 20 % ti2 gao1 dao4 30 % ; ju4 ti3 tiao2 zheng3 de0 cheng2 shi4 huo4 di4 qu1 , ke3 you2 shang1 ye4 yin2 hang2 fa3 ren2 gen1 ju4 guo2 jia1 you3 guan1 bu4 men2 gong1 bu4 de0 ge4 di4 fang2 di4 chan3 jia4 ge2 zhang3 fu2 zi4 xing2 que4 ding4 , bu4 gao3 yi1 dao1 qie1 .

    ren2 min2 yin2 hang2 huan2 xuan1 bu4 , jin1 rong2 ji1 gou4 zai4 ren2 min2 yin2 hang2 de0 chao1 e2 zhun3 bei4 jin1 cun2 kuan3 li4 lu:4 you2 xian4 xing2 nian2 li4 lu:4 1 . 62 % xia4 diao4 dao4 0 . 99 % , fa3 ding4 zhun3 bei4 jin1 cun2 kuan3 li4 lu:4 wei2 chi2 1 . 89 % bu4 bian4 .

    ren2 min2 yin2 hang2 you3 guan1 fu4 ze2 ren2 cheng4 , fang2 di4 chan3 ye4 zuo4 wei2 guo2 min2 jing1 ji4 de0 zhi1 zhu4 chan3 ye4 , zai4 kuo4 da4 nei4 xu1 huo4 cu4 jin4 xiao1 fei4 fang1 mian4 fa1 hui1 liao4 ju4 da4 de0 zuo4 yong4 , jin1 rong2 ji1 gou4 jiang1 yi1 ru2 ji4 wang3 di4 zhi1 chi2 fang2 di4 chan3 ye4 de0 jian4 kang1 , chi2 xu4 fa1 zhan3 . ben3 ci4 zheng4 ce4 tiao2 zheng3 you3 li4 yu2 zong4 xu1 qiu2 fang1 dui4 wei4 lai2 zi1 jin1 jia4 ge2 xing2 cheng2 jiao4 he2 li3 de0 yu4 qi1 . jiang1 shang1 ye4 yin2 hang2 ge4 ren2 zhu4 fang2 dai4 kuan3 li4 lu:4 na4 ru4 zheng4 chang2 dai4 kuan3 li4 lu:4 guan3 li3 , you3 li4 yu2 shang1 ye4 yin2 hang2 jia1 qiang2 feng1 xian3 guan3 li3 , wan2 shan4 ding4 jia4 ji1 zhi4 .

    zhe4 wei4 fu4 ze2 ren2 shuo1 , chao1 e2 zhun3 bei4 jin1 cun2 kuan3 shi4 jin1 rong2 ji1 gou4 cun2 fang4 zai4 ren2 min2 yin2 hang2 , chao1 chu1 fa3 ding4 zhun3 bei4 jin1 de0 bu4 fen4 , zhu3 yao4 yong4 yu2 zhi1 fu4 qing1 suan4 , tou2 cun4 diao4 bo1 huo4 zuo4 wei2 zi1 chan3 yun4 yong4 de0 bei4 yong4 zi1 jin1 . xia4 diao4 chao1 e2 zhun3 bei4 jin1 li4 lu:4 , you3 li4 yu2 cu4 jin4 shang1 ye4 yin2 hang2 jin4 yi1 bu4 ti2 gao1 zi1 jin1 使 shi3 yong4 xiao4 lu:4 huo4 liu2 dong4 xing4 guan3 li3 shui3 ping2 , wen3 bu4 tui1 jin4 li4 lu:4 shi4 chang2 hua4 ; you3 li4 yu2 li3 shun4 zhong1 yang1 yin2 hang2 de0 li4 lu:4 guan1 xi5 , you1 hua4 zhun3 bei4 jin1 cun2 kuan3 li4 lu:4 jie2 gou4 , zeng1 qiang2 huo4 bi4 zheng4 ce4 cao1 zuo4 de0 ke1 xue2 xing4 huo4 you3 xiao4 xing4 .

    < ren2 min2 ri4 bao4 > (2005 nian2 03 yue4 17 ri4 di4 liu4 ban3 )

中国人民银行[zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 yin2 hang2]

决定 [jue2 ding4] /to decide (to do something)/to determine/to resolve/

调整 [tiao2 zheng3] /adjustment/revision/

住房 [zhu4 fang2] /housing/

信贷 [xin4 dai4] /(n) financial credit/

政策 [zheng4 ce4] /policy/

讯 [xun4] /to question/to ask/to interrogate/rapid/speedy/fast/news/information/

记者 [ji4 zhe3] /reporter/journalist/

报道[bao4 dao4]

为 [wei4] /because of/for/to/

促进 [cu4 jin4] /to promote (an idea or cause)/to advance/boost/

房地产 [fang2 di4 chan3] /real estate/

业 [ye4] /business/occupation/study/

健康 [jian4 kang1] /health/

持续 [chi2 xu4] /continue/

发展 [fa1 zhan3] /development/growth/to develop/to grow/to expand/

从起[cong2... qi3] ab,

商业性 [shang1 ye4 xing4] kommerziell

个人 [ge4 ren2] /individual/personal/oneself/

贷款 [dai4 kuan3] /(bank) loan/to (provide a) loan/

内容 [nei4 rong2] /content/substance/details/

包括 [bao1 kuo4] /to comprise/to include/to involve/to incorporate/to consist of/

现行 [xian4 xing2] /be in effect/in force/

优惠 [you1 hui4] /preferential/favorable/

利率 [li4 lu:4] /interest rates/

回归 [hui2 gui1] /to return (to previous condition)/Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty/to regress/

同期 [tong2 qi1] /the corresponding time period (e.g. compare inflation now with the rate during the same month last year)/

水平 [shui3 ping2] /level (of achievement, etc.)/standard/

实行 [shi2 xing2] /implement/carry out/to put into practice/

管理 [guan3 li3] /to supervise/to manage/to administer/management/administration/

相应 [xiang1 ying4] /relevant/corresponding (reaction)/

期限 [qi1 xian4] /time limit/deadline/allotted time/

档次 [dang4 ci4] /(n) quality; level; grade/

基准 [ji1 zhun3] /data/standard/

倍 [bei4] /(two, three, etc) -fold/times (multiplier)/double/to increase or multiply/

法人 [fa3 ren2] /(n) lawyer; anyone involved in the legal profession/juristische Person

可 [ke3] /can/may/able to/certain(ly)/to suit/(particle used for emphasis)/

根据 [gen1 ju4] /according to/based on/basis/foundation/

具体 [ju4 ti3] /concrete/definite/specific/

情况 [qing2 kuang4] /circumstances/state of affairs/situation/

自主 [zi4 zhu3] /to act for oneself/autonomous/

确定 [que4 ding4] /definite/certain/fixed/to fix/to determine/be sure/

内部 [nei4 bu4] /interior/inside (part, section)/internal/

定价 [ding4 jia4] /to set a price/to fix a price/

规则 [gui1 ze2] /rule/regulation/rules and regulations/

以 [yi3] /to use/according to/so as to/in order to/by/with/because/

上个 [shang4 ge4] /first (of two parts)/previous or last (week, etc.)/

房 [fang2] /house/

其 [qi2] /his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)/

即 [ji2] /namely/right away/to approach/to draw near/

比 [bi4] /associate with/be near/

百分点 [bai3 fen1 dian3] /percentage point/

价格 [jia4 ge2] /price/

上涨 [shang4 zhang3] /rise/go upward/

城市 [cheng2 shi4] /city/town/

或 [huo4] /maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or/

地区 [di4 qu1] /area/region/

最低 [zui4 di1] /lowest/

首付款 [shou3 fu4 kuan3] Anzahlung (Eigenkapital)

比例 [bi3 li4] /proportion/scale/

提高 [ti2 gao1] /raise/increase/

公布 [gong1 bu4] /publicly announce/to make public/to publish/

各地 [ge4 di4] /in all parts of (a country)/various regions/

自行 [zi4 xing2] /(adj) do by oneself/

搞 [gao3] /to do/to make/to go in for/to set up/to get hold of/to take care of/

宣布 [xuan1 bu4] /to declare/to announce/to proclaim/

金融 [jin1 rong2] /banking/finance/financial/

机构 [ji1 gou4] /organization/agency/institution/

超额 [chao1 e2] /above quota/

存款 [cun2 kuan3] /(v) deposit money in a bank/(n) bank deposit/

由 [you2] /follow/from/it is of/due to/by/to/to leave it (to sb)/

法定 [fa3 ding4] /(adj) legal; of a legal nature/

维持 [wei2 chi2] /to keep/to maintain/to preserve/

不变 [bu4 bian4] /unchanging/constant/

有关 [you3 guan1] /to have something to do with/to relate to/to concern/concerning/related to/

负责人 [fu4 ze2 ren2] /person in charge (of something)/

称 [cheng1] sagen, behaupten

作为 [zuo4 wei2] /accomplish/action/to regard (sth as sth)/to look upon (sth as)/conduct/

支柱 [zhi1 zhu4] /mainstay/

产业 [chan3 ye4] /industry/estate/property/industrial/

扩大 [kuo4 da4] /to expand/to enlarge/

内需[nei4 xu1] Inlandsnachfrage

消费 [xiao1 fei4] /to consume/

方面 [fang1 mian4] /respect/aspect/field/side/

发挥 [fa1 hui1] /bring to bear/bring into play/unleash/

巨大 [ju4 da4] /huge/immense/very large/tremendous/gigantic/enormous/

作用 [zuo4 yong4] /action/activity/actions/acts/effect/to play a role/

需求 [xu1 qiu2] /requirement/

未来 [wei4 lai2] /future/tomorrow/approaching/coming/pending/

资金 [zi1 jin1] /funds/funding/

形成 [xing2 cheng2] /to form/to take shape/

较 [jiao4] hier: mehr staerker (bi3jiao4)

合理 [he2 li3] /rationale/reasonable/

预期 [yu4 qi1] /expect/expected/

正常 [zheng4 chang2] /regular/normal/ordinary/

加强 [jia1 qiang2] /to reinforce/to strengthen/to increase/

风险 [feng1 xian3] /risk/

完善 [wan2 shan4] /perfect/complete/

机制 [ji1 zhi4] /machine processed/ Mechanismus

存放 [cun2 fang4] /to deposit/to leave in sb's care/

超出 [chao1 chu1] /(v) overstep; go too far; encroach/

主要 [zhu3 yao4] /main/principal/major/primary/

用于 [yong4 yu2] /use in/use on/use for/

支付 [zhi1 fu4] /pay (money)/

资产 [zi1 chan3] /property/assets/

运用 [yun4 yong4] /to use/to put to use/

备用 [bei4 yong4] /reserve/spare/alternate/backup/

进一步 [jin4 yi1 bu4] /(one step) further/to move forward a single step/further (onwards)/

使用 [shi3 yong4] /to use/to employ/to apply/to make use of/

效率 [xiao4 lu:4] /efficiency/

推进 [tui1 jin4] /impel/

中央 [zhong1 yang1] /central/middle/center/ Zentralregierung u. ZK

关系 [guan1 xi5] /relation/relationship/to concern/to affect/to have to do with/relations/guanxi/

结构 [jie2 gou4] /structure/composition/makeup/architecture/

增强 [zeng1 qiang2] /to increase/to strengthen/

操作 [cao1 zuo4] /to operate/

人民日报 [ren2 min2 ri4 bao4] /Renmin Ribao (People's Daily)/

第六 [di4 liu4] /sixth/

版 [ban3] /a register/a block of printing/an edition/version/page/