A citizen ranking and blacklisting mechanism

Thursday, 25.1.2018

China’s Social Credit System puts its people under pressure to be model citizens Von Meg Jin Zeng.
Quelle: The Conversation. Teilübersetzung hier.

MERICS Economic Indicators

Thursday, 25.1.2018

Von Max J. Zenglein und Maximilian Kärnfelt. Quelle: Merics.

Chinese labs use mail to send opioid fentanyl into US, Senate report finds

Thursday, 25.1.2018

Quelle: Guardian/Reuters.

Sweden calls on China to release detained bookseller Gui Minhai

Thursday, 25.1.2018

Von Tom Phillips. Quelle: Guardian.

China’s Internet Giants Face Users’ Anxiety Over Privacy

Wednesday, 10.1.2018

Von Alyssa Abkowitz. Quelle: WSJ. Chin. Übersetzung hier.

In Their Words: Film Shows Real Lives of Africans in China

Wednesday, 3.1.2018

Documentary filmmakers aim to transform how African communities are portrayed in media. Von Bibek Bhandarijan. Quelle: chinafilminsider.com.

Chinese Arts and Letters, second semestre 2017 : plus de 200 pages d’analyses et de traductions

Wednesday, 3.1.2018

Blogpost von Brigitte Duzan.

Teacher shortage hinders Xi Jinping’s dream to make China a great sporting nation

Tuesday, 2.1.2018

Von Mandy Zuo. Quelle: SCMP. Chin. Übersetzung hier.

India and the United States Should Revisit Their Opposition to China-Led Connectivity

Thursday, 28.12.2017

Von Arif Rafiq. Quelle: warontherocks.com.

Central planning, local experiments

Wednesday, 27.12.2017

The complex implementation of China’s Social Credit System. Quelle: Merics.

China’s tiger moms (and dads) drive demand for online education

Wednesday, 27.12.2017

Von Meng Jing und Celia Chen. Quelle: SCMP. Vgl. Übersetzung hier.

Why China Loves Trump

Tuesday, 26.12.2017

Von Dorothy Wickenden. Podcast. Quelle: The New Yorker.

Taiwan’s comic book heroes

Friday, 22.12.2017

Quelle: BBC.

Bloody rites: has wedding hazing crossed the line into violence in China?

Monday, 18.12.2017

Von Mandy Zuo. Quelle: SCMP.

The Chinese Fisherman and the Sea

Monday, 18.12.2017

Experimental documentary by filmmaker Ning Jiawei dives into the complex relationship between humans and nature. Von Yin Yijun. Quelle: sixthtone.com.

Mozi On the Escape from the State of Nature

Monday, 18.12.2017

Quelle: digressionsnimpressions.typepad.com

Brrr … Xi’s heavy handed pollution policy goes up in smoke

Monday, 18.12.2017

The desire for quick fixes has left China lurching between seemingly competing goals – cleaner air and a thriving economy – and so far it has predictably failed on both counts. Von Tom Holland. Quelle: SCMP.

A hero reborn: ‘China’s Tolkien’ [Jin Yong] aims to conquer western readers

Tuesday, 5.12.2017

“… Now, for the first time, the beginning of his extraordinarily popular series, Legends of the Condor Heroes, has been translated into English …” Von Vanessa Thorpe. Quelle: Guardian.

‘A gift from the sky’: record-breaking nine-hour rainbow appears in Taiwan

Tuesday, 5.12.2017

Von Benjamin Haas. Quelle: Guardian.

Good immigrant, bad immigrant: What the repeal of DACA means for undocumented Asian Americans

Tuesday, 5.12.2017

Nachtrag. For the 120,000 Asian Americans eligible for the program, model minority pressures run high. Von Nancy Huang. Quelle: Hyphen.

Disney’s Choice For ‘Mulan’ Lead Role Leaves Some Chinese Moviegoers Baffled

Tuesday, 5.12.2017

Von Rob Cain. Quelle: Forbes. Auszugsweise Übersetzung hier.

Elderly care is an intimate business in a different way

Monday, 4.12.2017

Red Lights Go Gray China’s former sex capital, Dongguan, retires in style. Von Lin Qiqing (Sixth Tone).

Beijing Hinders Free Speech in America

Monday, 4.12.2017

Von Wang Dan. Quelle: NYT. Mit chin. Sprachversion.

The War for China’s Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order

Thursday, 30.11.2017

How To Profit From China’s Rising Nationalism Russell Flannery über ein neues Buch (Forbes). Vgl. chinesischsprachigen Artikel hier.

Clear a passage in water infested by jellyfish to give the carrier crew peace of mind

Wednesday, 29.11.2017

Why the humble jellyfish could stop China’s aircraft carriers in their tracks Scientists testing ‘jellyfish shredder’ to reduce risk of their systems becoming clogged up by animals sucked into their pipes. Von Stephen Chen (SCMP).